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  1. Hi, The Startech adaptor you mentioned, doesn't say it supports multichannel audio, and isn't an active adaptor? Try an Accell active adaptor, which says it supports audio. - Audio support up to 8 channels LPCM @32kHz https://www.accellww.com/products/displayport-1-2-to-hdmi-2-0-adapter Not sure what driver version as the server isn't here anymore but it was most likely radeon-pro-software-17.q4.1-whql-dec14
  2. I recently achieved 5.1 outputs with a Denon system from a Firepro WX7100. (Active DP to HDMI adaptor) Connect the system up, then go into windows sound options for the correct output and select configure speakers. There you can select the sound setup you have, i.e. 5.1, 7.1 etc.
  3. Hi MAHENDRANARANGIKAR Do you have Watchout Display software, Watchnet or another instance of Watchout production running on the same computer?
  4. Hi Do you have a windows sticker anywhere on your PC? It should have the license number you need to enter to activate the PC. If not, you should contact the person who sold it to you.
  5. It's really easy to do. Set up your show in Production to loop and upload it to the Display and confirm it's running ok. Then remote into the Display server. Go to the file menu on the Display server then choose "Edit startup script" Past the txt below into autostart.txt - Notepad window that opens up. ; This is a small example on a scrip that automatically loads and starts a show named "MyShow" ; ; Note: If the show contains of more then one computer then this script should only run on ; the computer designated as the cluster master and not on any of the
  6. Hi, You may be able to use an Apple Digital AV Adapters for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch into a input capture card. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202044 I have not tried this but it may be worth looking into. You may run into problems though if the output has HDCP enabled......
  7. Hi David Can you please lets us know if there's an update on the Watchpax 2 image for Audio Drivers support. If so, can you point me to the link to download it. Thanks
  8. Hi Forum Has anybody tested / used midi in on a Watchpax 20? (cluster mode) Looking for recommended devices to receive cues from GrandMA 2 LX console. Thanks
  9. Hi Miro I Second that motion. Regards Nigel
  10. Thanks JFK, Thomas I have looked at the same pages and forwarded them to Microsoft. They will not issue a key to activate windows 7 if you have brought a Windows 10 license and want to downgrade. The article refers to a computer where somebody has purchased windows 7, upgraded to windows 10, then wants to go back to windows 7. I spent days on the phone with Microsoft trying to explain the situation with no solution. I would like to know if anybody has been successful?
  11. I can't re use a Windows 7 key to activate another computer can I? How would dual boot work in this situation? -All I would have is an illegal copy of windows 7 and Windows 10 which still can't run Watchout properly. We really need to know how far away Watchout is from a working windows 10 solution.......
  12. Has anybody successfully used the "Downgrade rights from windows 10 Pro to Windows 7". I'm hitting a brick wall with Microsoft saying that only manufacturers, DELL and HP can use this. I would really like to know what steps you went through with Microsoft to activate Windows 7 Pro with a Windows 10 Pro OEM key.
  13. FYI, Please see reply below from Datapath regarding temporary fix for issue. Hello Nigel, We have tested Watchout here capturing 1080i 50Hz(25Hz) in to a Vision SDI4 card and have reproduced the error. We have a work around for you to apply that should give you a temporary fix for a bug where LiveStream is automatically turned on causing the error you are experiencing. The attached dgc133.sys file should be uncompressed and saved in to C:\Windows\System32\drivers replacing the existing file. Re start the computer and test the Watchout playback of the captured signals. This is a tempora
  14. I understand the SYNC card will SYNC the outputs, does it have any impact on the Capture input? I tried setting the SYNC on the S400 card from the output source and there is still a problem. The problem with the Datapath capture card is happening on a single output. Have Dataton been talking to Datapath regarding the issue and if so, what are the outcomes as I thought the Datapath cards were pre certified and tested?
  15. Hi We are experiencing very similar problem at 1080i 50Hz Approx top 3rd of the xcreen has problems and is not in sync with the bottom two thirds. Did you get any answer from Datapath?
  16. Hi Jonas What version of the driver/software was used on your demo system for: Datapath VisionRGB E2 Decklink Intensity Pro Thanks Nigel
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