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  1. Hello, We're trying to figure out how we can create a flash file for the dynamic image server, which outputs tweets with a certain twitter hashtag. Outputting tweets from a certain user is a lot easier and we already have that working, but it seems outputting an hashtag is a lot more difficult. Any experiences? Thx in advance.
  2. When playing a sample from the production pc in Watchout 5 (running W7 SP1) I need to keep the sound icon visible in the preview window at all times. Whenever I scroll in the preview window during playback of a show and the sound icon of the sample isn't visible anymore, the sound simply will stop. I can't recall having this issue in previous versions. Tell me, is this a bug or a (too be honest, annoying) feature?
  3. Just tested with SP1 and Codemeter 4.30C. Works great! Thx!
  4. Hello, We’re setting up our first Watchout display pc running Windows 7 32 bit with the help of your tweaking list, but we seem to have some trouble with auto-loading (Watchout display software shortcut in startup folder of Windows and having the dongle in a usb port) the display software. With the included Codemeter software (4.30a) it almost takes 2 minutes to detect the Watchout 5 license key, which is to be honest way too long (think about a system crash and you want to do a ‘quick’ reboot…). I’ve tested this on multiple Windows 7 machines (default settings and tweaked using your twea
  5. I've solved it by using this document: http://pjlink.jbmia.or.jp/english/data/PJLink Specifications100.pdf which describes which values I can use (and checked the projector manual for the right possibilities). I can now for example power down a Panasonic PT-D5700 by using a string cue which contains the value %1POWR 0$0D. I've used the output window to make a connection to the projector: I've filled in the correct IP-adress and port (for the D5700 I had to use port 4352 over TCP).
  6. Hi, We're looking for a way to control (shutter on/off, etc.) our projectors from the Watchout production pc. Is this possible with the PJLink protocol? I've tried it by adding a string cue on the timeline with the PJLink command, but I can't seem to get it to work. Tried it with a PJLink test program and it works flawlessly. Is it possible? Thanks!
  7. Hi, We're building a new system for version 5. I see you recommend the 32 bit version of Windows 7. Since we're also planning to use this system for other purposes and to make it more future proof we're also looking into the possibility of using a 64 bit version of Windows 7. I'm sure Watchout 5 will run, but how will it handle the codecs and what will this mean performance wise? Thanks
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