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  1. hi guys im working on an installation that i need to change files on the cluster manually.. i need to go to the path where the cluster saves the media and overwrite it with different files from outer custom app. the files will be EXACTLY the same name and type. the cluster is controlled from an automation system so restarting/reloading the show each time i overwrite the files is not a problem.. the thing is that when i go to - C:\program files\dataton\watchout 5\ i cant see the "shows" folder, instead this folder is located in - C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Dataton\WATCHOUT 5\Shows.. my first question is: did the path for the "shows" folder was change? because i know it was in the first path i mentioned all these years.. anyway i tested and overwritten a media file from the 2nd path, reload watchpoint and the "old" file was still shown on screen, which is very weird cause i couldnt find it anywhere on the cluster hard drive. when i deleted the file completly from the cluster (just to see what happens) and reload the show the cluster reply with this error: "Error 7 0 "No File Server Specified" but the "old" file was still on screen so where is this file?? where the cluster takes it from if its not in the "shows" folder? the production used for uploading the show to the cluster is running win 8.1(yeah i know) if thats make any difference for my case..(the cluster is win 7) i know it might be a weird workaround but thats the case for that installation.. btw this method works great "manipulating" the production computer if i restart watchout each time i overwrite the files manually, but thats not helping me cause were not gonna use a production there. any ideas? very sorry for the long post thx
  2. im having a few problems using the above card with a display computer,actually two datapath cards on one display machine capturing 4 inputs and outputs 4 - 1920x1080 with radeon hd 6970... first thing is that sometimes the whole system become really laggy and unstable,poping up the "watchpoint" window on the display pc and loses the network. if i wait around 2-3 secs i can offline and online again,than after a few updates to the show (that take a lot longer than usual) it happen all over again... second thing is a serious latency issue(over 5 secs) from the time the input media go on stage to the time i can actually see it on the display output screen... what i did for now is to copy the 4 live inputs media 4 times to each display on the stage window with zero opacity so that my 4 display processing 4 different inputs the whole time,that way i can do anything i want without getting any latency cause its already happen one time in the begining of the show... i know thats not a real solution but it did the trick for the client to see something bot obviously i need to solve this issues some how.. i tried diffrent vision drivers but both act the same..btw using the vision software i can see every input almost instantly... any ideas??? thx..
  3. what i mean is to make some sort of preview (even a thumbnail) of your display output in the geometry tab just under the grid.. that way when u moving the geometric points u can kinda see what ur doing... even if the preview will be low on quality its still can make a lot of sense sometimes. just an idea
  4. im waiting for a long time now to see a thumbnail preview just under the geometric grid in the geometric window hope someone is working on that VERY usfull feature
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