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  1. Hi, I have an odd question to ask, my company is upgrading a couple of Watchout 4 keys to Watchout 5, but then our next job need to have 30 outputs and we are low on Watchout 5 license keys. My question is can the Watchout 5 production PC control both Watchout 4 and Watchout 5 display PC in the same time? P.s. My guessing are probably not but I just need to comfirm on that. Many thanks
  2. What video converter programs or apps that is best to convert into Mpeg for watchout Display?
  3. My Company is considering upgrading to Watchout 5 and we need to build new systems for it. Could anyone please recommend a good full spec for it? These are a few things that I take in considerations (but not necessary): For motherboard, is Asus Sabertooth Z77 any good? Because of dust proof as well as smaller motherboard/casing for easier setting up and movement Does 8 cores and above processor really necessary for watchout playback? Or 4 cores is good enough for 6 display outputs Which graphic card is recommended for 6 outputs? Is 64GB ssd for installing the system and another 120gb SSD for Watchout enough? 8GB or 16 GB or ram? Thank you in advance P.s. Our company based in China thus we need those parts are easily obtainable in China
  4. Thanks for the reply, the USB soundcard was attached to the display computer, so the first reason would be more valid, after some testing done, it was actually the video's file fault as it keep lagging on the same spot, but it was undetectable on my laptop, secondly the video was fine for first 3 days and the problem occurred on the forth day, I would imagine if the video has problem would be noticed straigh away from day 1.
  5. Hi there, yesterday I had a disaster when playing a WMV video where the sound (embedded to the video) was constantly lagging forced the dancing performance to terminate. Currently I am using a good setup for watchout 4.2.2 (i7 processor, 4gb ram, ATI6870) with external USB sound cards, but with Windows XP OS, So my questions is what possible external factors could affect the sound lagging, it has been tested a few times during rehearsal and on first 2days of the event. Thanks in advance p.s. sorry if my English is bad as it is not my first language. Thanks *edit: forgot to mention about the motherboard, not sure what model was it but is Asus republic of gaming series. *edit2: could it be because of the codec used doesn't compatible with windows XP, the codec used was Windows media video 9 professional and Windows media audio 9.1 but I updated WMV constantly.
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