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  1. Corners is good solution (I use that for mapping a box from one projector some time ago) but each correction = update too see the result on projection. I think better (or maybe I should say faster) way is to make template in madmapper or in graphics software where you can see live what you do, with all surfaces where you need content. With this templete you can go to Watchout and use Corners, templete will be background for Corners adjustments.
  2. I have that same problem... best way (and fast way) is MPEG2 and 4x 1920x1080px files (tested with 8x MPEG2 streams, one more and system goes down ).
  3. I use Watchout Production software (version 5.1) on Parallels 7 with Windows 7 without any problems.
  4. With this frame size (4000x500) I think You schould try Quicktime H.264
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