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  1. thx jonas. I did it right the right way - as I ever do! but this time, it won't work the one day - the other it did and does (and still does). but all the time, there was no chance to get the genlock working in the Timing Master!
  2. thanks for that! but: I did it right that way, and the checkboxes unchecked themselfes after a few seconds. now, one day and a lot of "braining", switching, testing,...later: it is working as it should! no idea why not yesterday?!
  3. hi there, is there no way to get two V7900 in crossfire-mode in one machine working in watchout to develop 5 outputs???
  4. can you help me with setting up two machines, each ati V7900 and s400-boards to get the sync from one machine to the other? it won't work! the settings for timing server (nor internal from display either from genlock) will be send over rj to the second machine! we have 5 outputs. 2 @machine 1, 3@machine2. all 1280x1024 for led-wall. I can set it up as it should, but the "green check-boxes" disappear after a few seconds and no sync is established. the gen-lock led is flashing green all the time... whats the issue??? any ideas? machine1 setup: and and machine2 setup: and and after a few seconds:
  5. did you try to do the edge blend via the projector and not watchout?
  6. Hi there, the same problem over here. Under 5.2 no way to establish an vnc-connection out of Watchout. (TightVNC works...) ...the Idea with clean un-install and re-install did not work.
  7. will it be possible in future releases? would be an usefull option...
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. But: what would be the best software for doing this? I tried with SoundConverter (Mac) but it failed...
  9. Hi there, I've got the same problem with an 2hr timecode Mono wav-file (PCM S16 LE (araw)) @44,1kHz with 16bit. It crashes always with the TC in it. On 4.5 not...
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