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  1. I confirm, that to solve this problem rather just rearrange the card in the X4 white lane. Reinstalling the driver does not necessary. Good luck!
  2. What to do with the fact that the latest drivers for Decklink (9.xx) possible to install only on Win7 x64? The most recent driver version that I could install on Win7 x32 was 8.6.1
  3. Rogier, you can update the media in the Standby mode
  4. Thank you very much for this post! It helped me solve all my problems to manage projectors using Watchout
  5. it solved all my problems: http://www.dataton.com/forum/viewthread/93/
  6. My dialogue with the projector in terminal looks like this: open 10000 - Password: 1111 - Hello C00 (comand to turn On the projector) How it should look in Watchout? Open 1111 $0D C00 $0D ??
  7. I have the same problem and I really need the projectors to be controlled from Watchout. To switch it on/off on the museum installations and shutter on/off during big shows. And I need it to work via LAN port. I really hope Dataton engineers will help me to fix this problem.
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