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  1. I've never understood how/why EDID can actually crash a computer which I have seen a several occasions. It would be good to understand this... I have definitely had issues with Extenders as mentioned above but we do what we must. Never used a Parrot but I know a DVI-Detective can sometimes make all the difference... Thanks again.
  2. Is there a particular benchmark software package in use at Dataton? I have research a few and was wondering if any of these are recommended or better than another for WO. http://www.sisoftware.net/?d=&f=downandbuy&l=en&a= http://www.3dmark.com/ http://www.hdtune.com/download.html
  3. Gotcha on the horse power. I was under the misconception that EyeFinity required at least 1 Display port and that most cards disabled the HDMI output... But to be truthful, I have never understood the connection between DP outputs and EyeFinity.
  4. Yup. this was bad power supply to the extender. But as Macadler was saying, a lot of trouble that initially gets blamed on WO can actually be external cabling.
  5. You hit upon an interested subject, Is there a way to protect the system from the cabling side? as you say WO sometimes spaz's out from bad cabling or to be fair its the hardware. I recently had a flaky power to an HDMI extender that was drawing power from the card. It caused a ton of problems before we figured it out. My thinking is that some videos cards (once that don't draw as much power and perhaps have better internal circuitry, and a more powerful power supply may help in this regard but I'm not really sure what else can.
  6. Wow that's a really small box. Have you used these? 4 HDMIouts, I couldn't tell but the spec sheet, probably not eyefinity capable... AMD Radeon HD 7660G (built in APU R-464L)
  7. Thanks Steve for the tip, although I don't see that this is helping much. As I mentioned, I occasionally do see that a key does not get recognized at start up. Although an annoyance it is usually fixed with a reboot or placement in another port. What concerned me was when the key dropped off from the system when it was already previously recognized. I haven't been able to repeat this issue with any kind of frequency so its been hard to diagnose. I never had any issues whats so ever with the original v3 keys, they were always rock solid.
  8. Hello, I was discussing my hardware with a few associates here and the idea came up as it has before that there should be a minimum hardware unit test to determine how a particular display system performs under various content loads. I have my own media I use but I thought I would ask if there is a standardize unit test you use and would provide? I think this would be in your interest actual to separate hardware issues from software in the field. Anyway, it would be exceedingly helpful to know how my system perform compared to others before a show in mixed environments. Perhaps
  9. I completely understand and appreciate these comments, In this particular situation, the artist was involved and so he saw fit to use some other solution. Thanks for the chats!
  10. Hi, What might be the cause of a WATCHOUT key disappearing during a show. This happen a long time ago and I had them replaced. This appears to be happening on two separate computers but not all the time so its hard to understand. Nothing has really changed in the system to mention. these are tried and true. I also have issues with the key not being recognized in a particular port. Sometimes requiring a restart. This problem is not new. Thanks for your help. C.
  11. Hi All, Has anyone found a small-form computer for 4 channel displays they prefer over Shuttle's offerings? We like Shuttles but I'd prefer to find a more robust product that can solidly support 4 channels and still keep the small-form footprint. The systems we currently have configured are Shuttle SH87R6, i7-4771 @ 3.5ghz, 8 GB (DDR 1333), 256GB - SSD, FirePro V7900 . These run 4-channels of video in most circumstances but the motherboards do not provide enough throughput in all situations compared to other rack mounted systems. Thanks for your suggestions!
  12. Thanks Jonas, I guess what got me currious about this and not mentioned previously is that one of my display computers came back with software installed on it and that system did play the ProRes video files... I refreshed the partition so now I can not go back and see what might have been added. The software didn't seem special to me so I assumed some codec was also installed. I figured it was a trick of some kind. Okay, well I agree its not a good idea so for now I will leave it at that.
  13. Hi all, Is there a list of currently recommended and tested AMD video cards for single pci-express slots? That would save a huge amount of time in testing. Video capture cards too although I don't think they have changed much. Thx!
  14. Hi all, I know apple pro res is not a recommended playback codec, however I have had a few clients request it after explaining otherwise... One gallery was so set on it they went with another playback solution.. Question, how does one install pro res to even test? I thought it was part of qt. After reinstalling qt no video is decoded only sound. The apple codec download for windows prores 1.0 (older I think) failed to install. Thx.
  15. Hi All, What is the recommend tool for imaging a Watchout System these days? I have always used Acronis but the new version although very pretty just isnt as easy to use. Leads me to think I am using teh wrong version as this version is geared for increment backups more than imaging and unless I am doing someting wrong, everytime I restore, teh system forget my safezone partition. thx.
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