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  1. There are a few ways to do it. I firstly, I wouldn't worry about focus planes too much. Most professional projector lenses have a wide tolerance of focus shift, meaning that that if you focus mid-stage, you'll probably be in focus enough, either all the way down stage or all the way up stage. The second issue is convergence. I disagree that you need different warps at multiple times in the show. You just need to place the projectors side by side and send your content duplicated to each projector separately and manually converge each media item in Watchout. The other thing you could do is s
  2. If that was the case, I would duplicate the layer, move the bottom layer down and to the side slightly, tint the whole thing black, & and turn the opacity down. There's a functional drop shadow.
  3. You have to set the admin password to blank, you have to turn pjlink on, and communicate on port 4352, not the port listed in the manual. Shutter: %1AVMT 31$0D Unshutter: %1AVMT 30$0D Power on: %1POWR 1$0D Power off: %1POWR 0$0D Does this not work?
  4. These are the settings that we always set up in the IOS or EON family of ETC lighting desks for successful Midi Show Control (MSC) of Watchout. SMPTE Time Code RX - Enabled MIDI Time Code RX - Enabled Resync Frames - 2 MSC Receive - Disabled (Unless you want to receive MSC from another device, but Watchout doesn't send MSC) NSC Receive Channel - 0 ACN MIDI RX ID - 1 MSC Transmit - Enabled MSC Transmit Channel - 0 ACN MIDI TX ID - 1 (Or whatever you have your device ID set to in Watchout.) Analog Input - Enabled Relay Output - Enabled Serial Enable - Enabled Serial Group ID - 1 A key set
  5. The answer, by the way, is to include digits up to the thousandths in the titles of your control cues. For example, cue 29 becomes 29.000 and cue 29.5 becomes 29.500
  6. Isn't Watchout one big countdown clock? If you want something to happen in ten minutes, put it at the end of a ten minute timeline.
  7. Does anyone have any experience with receiving Midi Show Control (MSC) from a GrandMA console? Any special settings on the GrandMA that we need to be aware of?
  8. Looks like it's simply adding the http command GET before the page, so the final command would look like GET /cgi-bin/command etc.
  9. So I want to send commands to recall camera presets using Watchout to a set of Panasonic AW-HE50 cameras. The way that they normally work is through the use of http commands sent through the web browser, but I want to duplicate this through Watchout. The commands are roughly in the format: which would tell the camera at ip address to recall memory preset 00. Anyone have any idea on how to correctly format the string output in Watchout to duplicate this? I've tried sending the command in Watchout as written to on por
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