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  1. Ok thanks, that being said, is it better to go windows 8 or stay windows 7 64bit?
  2. That being said, is it better to upgrade to windows 8 or stay on windows 7 64bit?
  3. Ok, thanks. And i know that the tweek is for windows 7. That being said, is it better to upgrade to windows 8 or keep 7 64bit?
  4. In the tweek list it's requirering to install quicktime. But it's kot available anymore for downlod since it's install. Do we still need to install since watchout didn't require to have it since v5? And if yes for any reason where can i get it?
  5. Hi Altar, I'm using a tracking system and sensor that come from a company called Icubx. it's a midi system, so no need of converters, and you have access to a wide range of sensors. they also have a system that is wireless with midi. here's the link to the company. good luck http://infusionsystems.com/catalog/index.php
  6. Media Express: NTSC 8 bit YUV watchout: input device 3, YUV, :1 size 640:480 video stadard: other deinterlace: none.
  7. I've done it, i see the image in the utility but not in watchout.
  8. Hi, i've just intall new intensity pro card in my machines and i can't get any images from it. I have datapath vga duo and osprey 210 and they all work, but not the decklink. i've tried to set it as input 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the card, when you add the live image in watchout and keeping the device number the good one (3) for my card. any trick?? my os. windows 7 32 bit watchout 5 the driver is the new one 9.1 from decklink.
  9. Hi guys, i have the same problem. I sent my issue to support like you suggested and i still haven't got any answers back. I was wondering if someone else got th esame problem and what was the solution or work around. thanks
  10. I Bert

    3d Files

    Hi I want to know if watchout 5 can play 3d files. I don't mean stereoscopic images, but real 3d files, with depth and all that don't need glasses. I know it won't come right at you but it will have the 3d depth without coming out of the screen. I saw a couple of youtube video with video mapping on a wall with that 3d feel of it. thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply. it will help alot. One last question, for the dome (inside projection) would i have to do the same stage set-up and correction or it will be revers of the globe since it's inside? thanks
  12. Hi, i'm currently working on a dome and a globe projection with watchout 5. I was wondering if any one had done it, and if i can get help on how to set-up the stage for each of them. And i was told that the content need to be warp before being imported in watchout. Is that correct?? can you give me a little bit more information on that at the same time. thanks in advance.
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