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  1. thanks for the info....I stopped using the WMV files and went with Mpeg4 ---just converted the ones I had to Mpeg4 and it all plays great now...seems like the WMV's were the issue. ...its great to have someone respond with such useful info...thanks again!
  2. I have a 4 screen Watchout system running version 4 on windows 7 professional - 32bit When I am playing back .mov, wmv, avi video files the display computer starts playing the video file then pauses and stays frozen. I am just playing 1 file per screen , the resolution of the image is 1440 x900 at 29fps My knowledge of video encoding is limited so please bear with me... I am looking for possible causes files are 8.1MB in size video datarate 2796Kbps video sample size 24bit WMV files The computers themselves are powerful enough with Intel I5 processor, 10K RPM drives, 1GB video cards, 4GB DDR3 memory @1666Mhz. I have read in this forum many different reasons for watchout 5, but nothing on watchout 4...just wondering if any one has any useful suggestions on what I could do to cure this? or what encoding I should suggest to the editors in order to get this going. thanks in advance
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