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  1. Hi ,Morgan This SG showcase don't have tearing problem when they used different WO server ?,do you know the detail ? they were how to settle this problem ?
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    Thank you for jonas
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    hi everyone: jonas said that .mp4 should NOT be AAC-audio,who can tell me the why?
  4. Can you send an empty data every 60 seconds and to ensure that the projector don't close the connection? i will test tomorrow !!!!
  5. I also have the same problem,and how you solve?
  6. I'm so disappointed,Pandoras Box can support four screens with NVIDIA graphics ,but with EYEFINITY why WATCHOUT 5 Multi output ONLY works with one graphics card?
  7. But why on my computer with two AMD 5870 graphics card can output four-screen? Do you mean there will be no synchronization problem? http://shopp1984.blog.163.com/prevPhDownload.do?host=shopp1984&albumId=230032286&photoId=7270845753# http://shopp1984.blog.163.com/prevPhDownload.do?host=shopp1984&albumId=230032286&photoId=7270858349# http://shopp1984.blog.163.com/prevPhDownload.do?host=shopp1984&albumId=230032286&photoId=7270570330#
  8. Can i use two firepro v7800 composed of six screens?
  9. Version 5:Who can tell me how to use generic input?
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