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  1. Hi there, This has been covered before on this forum (search and you shall find ;-) ) But this is a Barco issue. Check menu settings for economy network mode. (Or the likes).
  2. Hey Mitch, Dropout like this is most likely caused by a bad connection in your fiber / projector setup. I assume Watchout did not go into error nor reported an error, correct? Sounds like a cliff effect which may occur "randomly" if you're close to the cliff. Heat / moving heads / bad luck can cause this. If you clean the fibers (grease / dust) you're likely to prevent is. Doesn't sound like something caused by bad media encoding...
  3. Update on this matter : I know peepz at AW have developed cut&fill for the Ascender. Has been used in beta on a big dutch show this week. Hopefully it gets implemented in the next release.
  4. Image Pro for switching? Have used control of SPII and Encore but ImagePro to me is a scanconvertor / scaler. Anyhoo, i suppose same commands should be available of which im sure its already mentioned before on this forum.
  5. Both must be possible as they currently show in the smartphone remote apps.
  6. Hi Mitch, well, in that case it all depends on economics. With regards to hardware specs, current setup will suffice for most applications. If your rig is continuously on the road and you feel it's time to upgrade / renew since it already has paid for itself, AND you expect enough work for the coming three years, I'd upgrade (just did actually ;-)
  7. Mitch, shouldn't be a problem at all. I've tested similar hardware with 20+ layers and live captures on each 4 outputs without a hiccup. Of course it all depends on your source material's specs. As Alex says, just do it in a test setup. But what I don't understand: after a system build, first thing you would do is take it on a test run driving it to the limits, wouldn't you? Otherwise you have a piece of rental equipment laying around without knowing its capabilities?!?
  8. You'll need a dongle upgrade. I already bought mine. Can't wait to test the beta next week.
  9. Hi there. I guess there's no simple answer, all depends on what you are trying to achieve. Call on sequences which you could do with a dmx channel and/or level. Some consoles will accept artnet which should work without interface or use an enttec node to create a dmx signal, or midi notes (i.e. lighting operator creates a sequence for a speaker introduction, just trigger the sequence by sending out a dmx cue or midi note) But sometimes you have an entire performance which you would like to sync, then I prefer to work with a timecode you could master. Ideal during programming since lighting operator could program without you if he has a pre-vid of the show on his laptop with one audio channel being the performance and other channel being the timecode. However, console needs be to able to read out TC. These are just two examples, I'm sure many other options are thinkable, these are just the two workflows I prefer.
  10. Mike, that is great news. Just wondering how to adjust the independent blend of any screen where you disable the "Use default soft edges" option ?? And would it allow you to change this setting for a group of (multiple left and right) edges at the same time, in case of TS's example? Or would you have to repeat a tedious procedure for each blend within a 5 projector widescreen?
  11. Jacques, what is with-holding you from using the blending option in the projectors? Especially with the PD projectors you should have a better result since you probably have black level compensation and such available. Then you can use watchout's blending curve for the mitsubishi's. (Just don't forget to put screen 2 and 4 of the 5-blend on a different tier to disable the blend for this panorama).
  12. Hi there, Imho : fiber is always the best solution if you have the budget to acquire it. We have 150+ fiber sets, mostly on DVI, but also still on VGA and of course 3G-SDI. But having it on DVI leaves you with the best option to use it on your WO rig and leaving you the liberty to choose any resolution. Apart from that, not all projectors carry an SDI input and/or not always a 720 or 1080 resolution is what you need for the setup.
  13. Never had issues either with multiple datapath cards. Wether it were two E2S's, E1S's or a E1/2S and a dual or single SDI card combined, the vision software just keeps counting the number of inputs (so input 1 and 2 are of the E2S and 3 and 4 are the dual SDI.
  14. Thomas, i'm baffled about your message, stating lip-sync accurate signal with (de-)interlaced sdi through Watchout??? I'd say NO WAY. Did you measure the latency? Wasnt the audio delayed in the audiodesk? To my best knowledge, you should at least experience 3 frames due to Watchout and an additional 2 due to deinterlacing?!?!? Can anyone shed light on this phenomenal performance because if it can be pointed to a certain hardware configuration, I will have this build immediately. (Though with Datapath capture, as I still think that is the better option above BMD) ;-)
  15. Cheap solution (but incredibly solid, easy to use and easily combined with Watchout via midi or artnet : Madrix. Works like a charm!!
  16. If it still doesn't work, I have some working cue's in a show, I could send them to you if you like. Just pm me.
  17. Why shouldnt it? Im sure Ascender will accept IP control strings. I really think this is more a question for the ascender forum though ;-) (to obtain the proper commands)
  18. Hi Brent, Blacklevel : any brightness compensation, either performed by the projector or via the workaround in Watchout, is based on adding brightness in the darker area's of the single projection, to compensate the doubling (or quadrupling) of the projectors. Having a grid projection will therefor always mean you will have 4 times the darkest light level overall if you compensate for this (in order to have a uniform picture). Not a good thing, of course all depending on the purpose. (Visuals for a danceparty won't suffer as much as a backdrop for a dark scene in a play called "Der Ring des Nibelungen". Yes, lamp runtime will diminish but as much as 66%?? I know that with most projectors I work with it generally is a 20% duration loss and with xenon lamps some flickering might occur. Can't speak for the States, but support and service in EU is very good though devices has to be sent to UK for physical service. (?!). In short: grid work: I wouldn't go for it but if that is the only option and chosen above the portrait option, I'd say go for it and spend some time in the WO workaround. I'm sure you'll be able to get a satisfactory result.
  19. Clint, i think Brent isn't bothered about the setup itself, but about the obvious extra brightness in the center overlap, which WO5 doesn't correct in terms of blacklevel. Brent, there is a tedious workaround you can find more info on on this forum, but that workaround would be even more complex having to correct the top/bottom and right/left blends AND the center quadruple blend. I know the pt-dz21 has a very nice blend which does correct this itself which I'm pretty sure would also work in your required grid mode. (Though still keep in mind you'd be sacrificing on general blacklevel sincerely). If your dx-100's support the same mode I would advise on using that as oppose to the WO blend. Or perhaps WO6 has advanced blending modes? ;-). But still haven't seen the entire feature list :-( Good luck anyway and let us know how you solved this and how your solution worked out for you P.s. Can't you use the ultra short throw 1-chip lense panasonic has? I know it has a limitation of size you can project, but perhaps good enough for your project? http://panasonic.net/avc/projector/products/dle030/.
  20. Although i live 8 km away from the RAI centre, I too can't make it to the ISE this year because of work. Already informed at my local dealer about some features and prices. Any chance the complete feature list is shared on this wonderful forum? Dealer didn't know everything. Of course an estimated ETA on WO6 would be nice but even more relevant, any chance for us specialists to get a hand on a beta version of watchmaker v6?? Could have really really really used the mapping features on a mapping gig early March, but for that I'll be patient enough until I can upgrade my dongles. ;-)
  21. Alternatively, you can of course create cues referring to starting (or killing) the separate timelines all in another aux or even the main timeline. You'd then be operating in only one timeline and client would only be "pushing space bar".
  22. Dylan, Another way of turning off edgeblend is putting the center screen on another tier. Helpful if you have another widescreen in your show where you DO need the blend (i.e. a blended floor projection without live inputs thus driven directly from watchout)
  23. Good luck Jonas! I hope we'll keep seeing you around!
  24. Hi Rob, I have had no issues in the recent past with repetitive shutter commands to panasonic projectors. Can open and close as many times and as fast as I like from watchout. So issue must be caused by something else?
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