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  1. Looking at manual you'd probably be better off creating presets and recalling them with the command RPRST. With the take command you can only activate the take button which means you'd have to select source and destination manually?!? What would be the benefit there?
  2. Not sure if TAKE 1 is the correct command for the Barco matrix but if so, data output should be TAKE 1 $0D
  3. I use a simple program called StartupDelay. Easy, no knowledge of scripting needed, all options available. And freeware
  4. Hey Neil, i use either a mkp40 or an oxygen8. And try to avoid changes after show start. But hey, we all know how it works. I do really try and demand at least 1,5mtr workspace. So I can accommodate my controller, keyboard, mouse and laptop ;-)
  5. Neil, please elaborate on what's holding you from using a midi-controller? Even for the smallest jobs I consider this to be a must-have. Just so great having all possible pip configs available under buttons you can clearly mark with a label (so you don't have to remember you have a 4:3 ppt pip under F3). And using a mouse or keyboard during show? Must have been 2009 that I've done this for the last time. I'm in the same sort of shows as you are, therefor very curious about your reasons not to go the easy way.
  6. Can you humour me and explain in what situation you would like to plug/unplug signals during show?!? Sound incredibly risky during show. I have datapath cards but would never come to my mind to do so and if needed, I would stick a seamless switcher in between.
  7. Uhmmm, this has nothing to do with alpha channel though, does it? A signal on dvi or whatever can't contain an alpha channel as it will just output black (or white). In your ascender (or encore, spII, spyder) you will have to adjust the signal to be used as a key signal for the camera to show. No sense in using an Animation codec, a simple h264 will do of course. Used this soooo many times.
  8. Hi Frank, Whats the issue? Budget? I have two Datapath E1S's for you which I currently don't use anymore as I moved to E2S's. I could make a reasonable price for you. You know where to find me, welcome for a cup of coffee sometime too ;-) Walter
  9. Walter

    Output Names

    Hi there, first "feature request" isn't a feature request, as it is a current feature actually. (One can name the string output cue which shows in the second line of the cue). Second one is a feature request but as I don't need it, won't be posting it in the famous post. (Very curious about future release of wo6 though, anxious to see which requests are taken in). And yes, with "loopable" I mean exactly what you state, a stop cue right after the action cue. ;-)
  10. Walter

    Output Names

    Though if you expand the size of the timeline and you name the cue, you have a clear reference of what the cue is about to perform. (resulting in a cue stating first the outputname and then the actual action). Would be nice if either you have output + action in one line i.s.o. two, or first the action and then the outputname (once completed in it's box.) Though indeed, the way to go is make an aux (loopable) for shut on and one for shut off. Put it under a midi-keyboards note and with one push of the button (or a reference in the used timeline for your sequence) you're good to go time after time.
  11. I've used these commands succesfully on the 21, 6710, 770, 7700 and 110 so it should definitely also work on the 870 i suppose. Perhaps a space before the carriage return?
  12. May I suggest a third and effective option for either alpha channel or keying? Alpha channel uses lots of bandwidth as you both indicate, and keying often leaves you with ugly borders or sometimes other artifacts. A perfect way to solve this is rendering a white alpha channel-output of the movie from your NLE. Use this as mask above your bandwidth-effective h264 or mpg2 content and you're set. Works like a charm with pixel perfect results incl semi-transparency whilst just basically doubling the bandwidth.
  13. If you ensure that in export setting a keyframe is set to each frame, your mp4 will pause exactly where you want it to! By default, most encoders set a keyframe each 75 frames or so. If you then pause, you will see it jump to the nearest keyframe in the file. (Which you don't want of course). Just a tip.
  14. Hèhè. Personal judgement?? Was doubtful wether to respond or not but you ARE kidding me right?
  15. Sean, Won't using interlaced signals and WO having to deinterlace these cause you too much picture delay? I always use progressive signals for this reason and where necessary switch to 720p. You just dont see the quality difference and especially for fast (camera) movements generate a better picture. Can't you switch all camera's and see if that solves your issue?
  16. Installed on your prod machine or displaymachine or both? I assume you checked your video in settings of display machine using remote access ctrl-shift-A / video in? BMD tends to put a device called blackmagic capture or so as device 1 as default and the correct decklink capture as device 2. Or just try setting In Device 2 (although you only have one capturecard.
  17. Hi Ademar, In addition to Mike's comment = about the 3D settings in WO-preferences, you only need this if you intend to create depth of objects (using the Z-axis) in Watchout yourself. If not, just separate the L+R signals using tiers to send the L-signal to 1 projector and the R-signal to the other. Indeed, Infitec highly recommended for larger groups = no special projection surface needed, and wider viewing angle without ghosting artifacts. Walter
  18. Apart from keying, (which sometimes results in poor quality edges, and you have to soften etc) another great solution is have the content maker render an alpha version. Use this as alpha mask, perfect quality and less strain on the server as qt animation.
  19. Question: in which editing software the AVC codec is chosen? Never seen avc myself in professional setting? (Can't recall having seen the option in AE, C4D, Motion or the likes...). AVC to me is a consumer type mainstream codec. Just choose h264 @ 5.1 profile or so I'd say... Never had issues with watchout, whichever resolution used....
  20. I have a tip though : you only have to create all notes / controllers once. If you have created, named and linked all buttons and faders, just select all inputs, copy them and paste in a txt file. Name this file "korg nano2" for instance. Next show you create and use this controller, just open txt file, select all and copy, open input windows, paste and you have all your inputs from this device back! Ideal timesaver IMHO. Grtz Walter
  21. Have you tried or don't you have a pc available? But you can copy / paste cue's / timeline sections or even complete tasks in to other projects (basically anything you would be able to copy/paste inside a project you van paste into another, as far as i know (or into text files and paste it's content at a later date at your convenience). You won't actually copy the linked content, just the link to it.
  22. Thanks. Barco's work. Msc not so much. Notes / controllers work but no msc commands. Info on grandma only refers to msc in, not out. Links you sent were already scanned, but no progress yet. Any further tips appreciated. ;-)
  23. Hey guys, Anyone out there able to help me out with the following issues? 1) how to control shutter / lamp status of Barco hdf w26. Also have some panasonic ptdz21k's in project, they work fine, but the instructions by panasonic are good to handle. The documentation of barco is too complicated for me. I don't speak hex/binary/bytes. Just need mentioned controls.... And perhaps any specifics with barco as with pana? (At pana remove password i.e.). 2) any tips / experience with controlling WO via MSC from a GrandMA? Use midi all the time but together with LD with little/no experience with sending MSC we'll have to sort this out. Any do's or don't's? What type of command to run specific aux or cue /run specific time within that aux? Any help is greatly appreciated. Walter
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