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  1. Hi Fabios: did you ever manage to use more than one input at a time in another program than WO with this card? I have those cards in both my Mac pro editing station as well in my WO systems and you are supposed to select 1 type of input in the BM configuration panel. (doesn't auto-sense like H264 recorder from BM) So it's just the design of the card that puts the limit on it. If card was able to select and recognize / process multiple inputs at a time, WO would be able to use all of them too. (i.e. with the SDI DUO or so). See image. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Geogen, how is the LCD technology working for you using Christie? In my personal experience I found any LCD projector inferior (even 3-chip versions) in terms of the lack of blacklevel and thus low contrast ratio's. Our company only uses 3-chip dlp for anything over 6K A.L. Not only because every shoot-out points in that direction but most of our clients request for it in their RFP's. I'm curious about your experience in this.
  3. I believe Projectionist is available for android. Can't verify, don't have android device, but I saw it in the market / google play store.
  4. Uhm, sounds as if you only have an intensity pro on your production system and not on the display computer? And if you do have an intensity installed on display pc, can you see the feed in your BM media express software? Start from there, let us know.
  5. Thanks for sharing the outcome!
  6. Sebastian, First question: do you have a signal in the BM media express software? (on all inputs...)
  7. Image does look nice Tobi. Patterns are generated by the apps, just not with a nice grayscale (I just kick it in afterwards when alignment is done). Thanks again for sharing.
  8. Thanks Tobi, I'll give it a try when back in office. Noticed a .jar files : for which platform is this? But if not manually (since then I'm sure it's correct and I'll have a better grasp of the setup, as oppose to automised) I tend to use one of the smartphone apps Projectionist or WScreenPro. The last one provides media server settings with offset in the watchout colors. Perhaps coincidental or not..?? ;-) Have you tried those yourself?
  9. easily solved by disabling any on board midi-device OR changing the registry for default midi device...
  10. Don't buy the 101V!!!! Not because it's not okay, but because you should then buy the 101D : this one works on both digital and analog signals. Simply use two dvi-i to VGA adapters and you've got an analog solution. More value for money I'd say. Btw: the lightware EDID manager is almost same price and covers more resolution (but you'd probably won't need them)
  11. May I suggest a simple test : change your display addresses, in order to switch the working pc (1) with the not-working pc (2). If the problem still occurs on the same pc (2) with different media / config running on it, it's almost certain caused by your hardware. If the problem moved to pc (1), then it's more likely to be a bug in the WO show. Just make sure you clear all caches and shows from the pc's after switching addresses.
  12. Alex, Yes, you are right, EDID managers / emulators, do just that. But you're monitors are capable of this res / framerate, but it's not their recommended EDID. I've experienced numerous times in numerous configurations, when outputting normal resolution, like 1080, the graphic cards software utility doesn't allow you to set the required resolutions even if the monitors / projector allow it without dedicated EDID's. Using hardware EDID's is a simple, very effective and cost-efficient tool! And even if you just want to know for sure if your card is capable of outputting multiple outputs at 50hz, using the EDID's to test this is THE way to go. And they are cheap enough, in my PoV extreme value for money (you couldn't care less where your signal is going)
  13. Is your source showing in the BMD software? (media express). If not, sort this out first. (use of a HDFury might do the trick) If so, any more live feeds installed? Perhaps correct the input number. Also, set the correct format in the live video settings. Just to be sure : you're talking about a feed into the display machine right? (so will not appear on production software if signal not inserted into that machine.)
  14. You're right Jonas. But in this case, Extron only has 1 type of DVI-extender that is long distance (other three types only 30 mtrs.) Click = DTP DVI 301 Note that it's optimized for standard cat5 cable... By the way, I wouldn't recommend the extron VGA tp-extenders (over cat5), but then again, I've never been satisfied with any (high-res) TP-extender for analog signals... Always a drift you have to compensate... Love the cliff-effect of digital signals...
  15. Hi Fredrik, I do have a question about this. In the "standards" dialog, I only have video-standars / resolution to choose from. Why not be able to choose from SXGA, XGA, SXGA, SXGA+, UXGA etc etc... I mean, for the BMD decklink studio, it's ok, I only use it to capture video-signals, but of course I use the Vision-card for data-signals, which are never a video-standard.
  16. Another point of view : besides various fiber solutions (purelink/extron), all with separate ST fiber connectors, using a four-core flexible and milspec fiber (so always spare lines available or less cables to feed to the rig), we recently bought a bunch of Extron dvi cat5 sets. With the cheapest cat5 cable, over 130 meter is no problem @ wuxga/60. (didn't test more). Since we're a rental company, we need to use flexible and durable Belden cable (I think it's belden1305a, not at hand to check) on a drum, and with this we had to cut back from 100mtrs, leaving 85meter with success. So for these sets we use 75mtr drums. Though very fond of fiber, I'm more than happy with this new and affordable solution. Hope this contributes.
  17. Thanks for the update. I did read the other topic, didn't resolve, but was helpful anyway. By the way, switch used IS truly win7 compliant, but still, could you elaborate on what this tweak is contributing to this upload error? And if applied whilst using a 'truly win7 compliant' switch, what would be the drawback on using this unnecessary tweak anyway? Would it hurt? Otherwise adding this to the tweaklist will help, since it still happens that separate WO machines are rented out to other companies using their own network setup... (dry hire situations).
  18. Ah... so that's why... Let us know if you sort it out (apparently using separate audio-mixer?)
  19. He guys, we had the same problem, but we solved it after a thorough search = In the advanced network-adapter setting = look for Jumbo Packets. Default disabled, but at 4088 (on all machines) the issue was solved! Perhaps this could be tested and added to tweaklist 2.2?
  20. He Adam, just out of curiosity: why would you like to capture audio? I can't think of a reason myself, never occurred to me to use watchout for audio mixing of live sources. Audio from live feeds in my world would be routed to the audiomixer directly.
  21. Default fades for cues would be nice... Beats fiddling with / copying of opacity handles. Or was this already requested? Of course with a general duration setting somewhere.
  22. I always calculate manually. Daily business and easy as hell, but when really lazy, try WScreenPro (app for iOS in AppStore, possibly also in android?). It has a 'Media Server' screen where you can enter the in-pixel and it will give you all necessary numbers But for real, arranging the display's is usually less then 0,001% of the project's programming time, isn't it... Please concentrate the WO development on usefull features and more tweens (dropshadow and blur i.e.)
  23. Besides the fact that the above is correct, why not use one system the provide both sides of the blend? Or do you only have single output systems?
  24. All FO extenders are extremely sensitive to (microscopic) dust particles. If the problem occurs on only ~10 of the 29 extenders, it's obviously a FO issue. It's quite common for FO to experience random (and seamly inexplicable) dropouts if the S/N ratio of the digital signal in the light is only just on an acceptable level. Each connector will drop the dB level with a certain amount. And having 6 connectors on each line.... You might start with cleaning each connector-part gently but properly. ( Do you have more specs? Is it multi- or single mode? Type of connectors (st / lc / sc) ? Factory assembled or self?
  25. Not sure if it could be related to any sync issues, but I noticed you also didn't follow the resolution guideline : pixelsizes need to be divisible by 16 using mpeg2, right?
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