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  1. Where can I find said log files? Having this problem again, though it's following the w600 card as I move it through spare computers. Haven't touched my two good systems yet but swapping cards between them will be the next step. As I go online and files are transferring, the troubled system will crash it's display program.
  2. seems to have been triggered by that specific piece of media. i started another new show, dropped in some files from the training footage on the key from the Vegas training a few years back and everything was hunky-dory. I'll let it loop overnight and play around with your suggested trouble shooting some more in the morning. Thanks again Thomas
  3. Hi Thomas, thanks for the suggestions, First, some more info. I've got PC1, PC2 and PC3. If I use PC1 as control, then 2 works ok and i can't push content to 3. That's when I get the Network error. If I use PC2 as control, everything is great. If I use PC3 as control, everything is great. I swapped keys around, I swapped cables around. The problem sticks with PC1 as control and PC3 as the display. I'll try swapping the EDID manager, though it's strange that it stuck was ok when I changed the production machine, but better to be sure and check it. I'll go down the rest of your list, thank you for sharing that!!
  4. Searched for this and haven't found an answer to help. I've got three systems running Windows 7, configured per the tweak.pdf. They're running 5.5.2. They worked just fine at a show earlier this year, I dusted them off to use again and one of them is giving me the error in the title. I can run the Production program from that machine and push media out to them just fine. I tried a USB>ethernet adapter "just in case" with no change. After running Production from this system I went back to the original Display config of the system and it failed while updating media again. It tests out ok in the Display Properties. Anything else you can think of to check?
  5. I saw Tibbo and Moxa were recommended in an old 2012 post. Is this still the case? At least the Tibbo, maybe not so much the Moxa. I'm looking at using the DS1102 to trigger another system the client has cooked up.
  6. I confirmed the video card was set to be the default audio device (an nVidia something somethingty something), restarted each system, no luck. I plugged in some headphones to confirm I was getting audio through the analog channel on the display system after resetting the default device. I heard audio. I yanked the plug and immediately audio began playing over the HDMI connection. I have thirty some different auxiliary timelines in this, I started playing another one and the audio disappeared. Never to return. I'm running analog under carpet cable and we'll just use a normal speaker.
  7. Ok, I'll check there, which I believe it is, but then I'll work on an analog solution. Thanks Jonas. and for future reference, I did encode at 44.1hz and had turned off Windows Media Center during the initial tweak process
  8. I've never used audio in a presentation, and am running into a little hiccup in my first use. Running 5.5.1, Sending the audio through the video card to hdmi. I extracted the audio from the video file and have a .ts file for video and a .wav file for audio. Tested alone, everything is peachy keen, when I hit ctrl-L to go online while the timeline is running, i get a blip of the audio track, just not during playback. Any ideas?
  9. Another cloning seems to have resolved everything. Ahhh the glamorous life of a systems designer
  10. haha, I decided to just clone another system over, we don't generally do anything beyond simple display sync, so there's never any VNC installed, or ancillary configuration. Now I've got a directshow media error. The clone is directly off of the system I just qc'ed and built my show with, and the windows media settings in windows features are set just like the tweak list says. Maybe this is a good case for investing in Watchpax
  11. plenty of space as well, 100's of gb on the work drive, and 30-40 on the os drive
  12. 1 production machine and 2 display machines, but just the one cluster. uac is off, have run through the optimization checklist. i'll check to make sure i didn't overlook anything on it.
  13. Display system 1 worked fine, I changed the display system's IP in Watchmaker to test display system 2 and the connection tests as "good". When I try to go online I get messages saying "create; Can't create show", then "load; Show doesn't exist" and then "gotoTime; Not applicable". I tried creating a new watchmaker file but no change. What should I look for to resolve this? The prep checklist has been completed, there's plenty of space on the drives, ip's are good and the connection tests ok. I'm end-of-the-week-stumped.
  14. Thanks all! Appreciate the leads, will be in touch hopefully early next week
  15. Is there another location for this sort of request that would be better suited? Feb 17-26, in Orange County, 4 projector blend, v5 mullti output computers. Info is trickling in, we're trying to see if we can source the labor before we commit, the period of time is too long to tie up our in house guys.
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