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  1. I think, point is CODEC & bitrate. it's not how many FHD files.
  2. 'WATCHOUT-codec for stable WATHOUC playback-2012.pdf' has a look at this information. Frame-rate 23.98/24 fps is a very poor choice, for clips intended for 50 or 60 Hz displays At worst, will result in severe sutttering of the video content. 23.94/24fps is a poor choice, because WATCHOUT did not support 2:3 pulldown? Does it have other symptoms in addition to stuttering? (For example, halt Display server.. lost video signal..etc)
  3. Hi all~ I am using the API is expected to FLASH program development. http://academy.dataton.com/sites/default/files/docs/WATCHMan/AS3/index.html Show control and run, halt was found, but I can't find ' setInput' command. Where can I find?
  4. Hi all~! I want play flash game through Dynamic image server. But, keyboard & mouse did not work. so I can't move my character. How can I do?
  5. Hello all~ I using 'sensor in a box' on behalf of midi controller. (accent sensor in a box -> Pysical computing with Micro process. similar 'Arduino' http://www.arduino.cc/ ) This device connect at WO5, occur ERROR message. 'midi i/o errir : buffer overflow' What is meant this error message?
  6. Hello all, What are the plans to develop a WATCHOUT Android app?
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