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  1. If you want to solve this problem, make sure that your MAX/MSP is sending the correct syntax first.


    I suggest UDP monitoring program.


    Check the exact syntax with the UDP monitoring program instead of WATCHOUT.


    You are sure thath the syntax is correct then use your WATCHOUT.

  2. Hi yoshimura.


    i had same question. haha


    if you want mapping on 3d model with large mapping file, you will setting UV mapping by SKETCHUP.


    just simple. choose your model and apply material by bucket tools.


    then use texture image in edit tab.


    if you mapping some size image via this method

    i will see same result in WO6.

  3. Hi mike.


    you sad ..


    the "generic Variable" output is mainly intended for use in task trigger conditions.


    if i want play 'SHOW' auxailiary timeline. for now, i'm using 'tell timeline ' in control cue.


    so... what' difference between 'tell timeline' in control cue and generic variale function?

  4. hi all~!


    my show is show 30-FHD image file(jpg) via Dynamic Image server.


    But.. image appears on the display, takes a long time. (over 5 sec.)


    I want the images to appears a more  quickly.


    how can it be faster?




    Display server & dynamic image server


    win7 64bit

    i7 3870

    16gb ram

    ATI 7970

    128g SSD

    x79 MB

    gigabit network


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