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  1. I´ll supply info on setup after 5.1 upgrade and some further testing and verification..
  2. I can confirm successful results running 6 channels with Watchout 5 and RME Fireface UC.
  3. I´m happy to confirm successful results with wo5 and RME FireFace UC :-)
  4. Are there any successful multichannel audio setups for Watchout 5? I´d like to use RME fireface UC to run 6 channel audio from Watchout 5. http://www.rme-audio.de/en_products_fireface_uc.php I´d be really happy to know if there are any known problems i should know of regarding this. As far as I can see here at this forum there are users having problems doing multichannel audio in Watchout 5, but there might be issues that are solved already. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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