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  1. Hi, have a look at this video: Score is done by Roy Westad (Norway). 3D by stir.no. WO programming by macmann. I did all soundFX and editing/mix. And mastering. Edited and mixed in 6.2, delivered in 7.1 (WDM-driver setup on windows7, using Watchout5.1) Venue: Telenor Arena (football stadium) Event: Brandlaunch of EVRY ASA, 6000+ employee @the event. A nice day at work. /Helge
  2. Hi, just got my watchout to work with 8 channels of audio using Fireface 800 soundcard (via Firewire 400). Audio made in Nuendo from Steinberg. Exported as wave-file. When dragging this into media window all okay, when dragging the media asset down to timeline I get the error: Error: Failed creating audio waveform... But it plays okay.... why problems with creating audiowaveform.... the files are stored on the desktop for testing... cheers Helge Watchout 5.1 is installed on a new installed windows 7 32-bit. And no tweaking is done to OS.
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