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  1. @Josef SwanbergIs there any way internal to Watchout or using an external tool to automatically calculate the edge blend for a complex multi-projector projection mapping setup ?
  2. I have observed a strange issue. The time set in Windows is UMT +5.30 (Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta). The WO Messages window reports a time +5.30 Hrs ahead of the Windows Time. Strangely the WO Error Log captures the correct time from Windows itself. Win 7 Pro + Wo 6.1.6
  3. Rainer, It seems to me that the OP meant that the back up Production is offline when the main Production in online. In such a setup, the Production I assume sees s set of discreet Displays, just on different tiers. This should ordinarily not cause any issues, should it ? Suresh Madan
  4. Hi Jim, I see now that I omitted mentioning in my original post, that I was referring to the ability to group and rotate virtual displays when being setup in the stage window. Currently it's possible to select more than one virtual or real display but it's not possible to group them and rotate them along the "combined centre". Suresh Madan DynaMix Media New Delhi, India
  5. Hi, Perhaps its already possible and I may have missed it, but in some instances it may be a good idea to have the ability to group and rotate virtual displays. Of-course its possible to do the maths for the relative co-ordinates of the centres of the displays in an external application such as AutoCAD or even CorelDRAW, but to be able to do it from within Watchout would be nice. Suresh Madan DynaMix Media New Delhi, India
  6. HI All, The question may be redundant with todays's newer OS and SSDs. I seem to recall reading here on the forum that its still preferable to setup SSDs in IDE Mode instead of the AHCI Mode. Is there still some merit to doing this at all ? Or am I mistaken ? Regards, Suresh Madan DynaMix Media New Delhi, India
  7. DonD, Unless I am missing something obvious, I would think that your immediate issue would be maintaining focus on two projection planes 40' apart. Of-course modern day projectors come with lenses that can be setup to have multiple memories and presets and you could potentially setup two different presets for the two projection planes. Not having done this myself, but I can imagine that you can fairly easily calculate the amount of overlap you will need (if you worked with overlapped images) for the DS projection plane to still have some 'usable' overlap for the US projection plane
  8. Dear Paul, Could you provide details of your hardware build, specifically the motherboard you mention ? Dear Jim / Jonas, The current build details on the forum are from nearly a year ago. Some of those components are virtually impossible to find any more ! Is there a more recent "tested" build that you would like to share ? Thanks Suresh Madan DynaMix Media New Delhi, India
  9. Does anyone have a recommendation for a DP to active DVI-D cable that has a male connector on the DVI-D side and the cable is a meter long ? We typically run the outputs of our AMD FirePro V7900 cards into a DVI-D matrix switcher, from where we also derive the EDID information, as a way to switch between our primary and redundant servers. It would be nice to have a single cable and avoid interconnects. All comments / suggestions gratefully accepted. Suresh Madan DynaMix Media New Delhi, India
  10. Hi Paulino Yes all tweaks have been followed exactly. Please send files to : dynamixmedia@gmail.com
  11. My configuration is as follows: MB: Asus Rampage IV Extreme CPU: Intel Core i7 - 3930K RAM: 4 x Corsair 4GB Vengeance DDR 1600 MHz SSD (OS): Intel 120 GB SSD 520 Series SSD (Media) : 2 x Intel 120 GB SSD 520 Series setup in RAID O GRFX: AMD FirePro W7000 OS: Win 7 64 Bit I am running 4 outputs at 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz I am running a single file 3840 x 1080 MP4 (H.264) encoded at 30 Mbps. The file is 30 seconds in duration. First 9 to10 seconds file runs smooth and then image on screen freezes up while timeline continues to run. Pause the timeline will instantly upda
  12. HDCP is a hardware + content combination at work. If the content is "protected" then the hardware will encrypt its digital output and display only on a HDCP compliant display device. On the other hand if the content in not "protected" the hardware will sense if the display device is non HDCP compliant and not encrypt the digital output. Since 2008 when Apple implemented HDCP on its PCs it set up the digital output to default to an encrypted mode irrespective of the content's "protection" requirement. Connecting a non-HDCP compliant device as the first on immediately in the signal chain
  13. My understanding is that inserting a non HDCP compliant device (such as an EDID manager) immediately at the output of the MacBook Pro will force it to switch it's output to non HDCP. Suresh Madan
  14. For an installation project we need to be able to capture and display 2 x DVI 1920 x 1080 50Hz and 4 x HD-SDI 1080i/50 inputs concurrently from within Watchout. We need to drive 4 1920 x 1080 50Hz outputs from the display server. Anyone have a known / tested configuration (hardware/OS/drivers) that can successfully achieve this ? Suresh Madan DynaMix Media New Delhi, India.
  15. Has anyone used this card successfully to input a 1080i/50 signal into Watchout ? Any specific inputs on driver version / OS etc ?
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