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  1. Hello. I am seeing an issue with HAPQ files where they look very good in VLC and QuickTime but in WatchOUT they are washed out. Sometimes I am seeing thumbnails in WatchOUT and when I do they look fine but video placed on a timeline is washed out. Sometimes I am not seeing any thumbnails in WatchOUT and I am getting a symbol that looks like this ">>>>>>". I have tried two different workflows for rendering HAPQ. First - ProRes source, Resolve edit, output to h264, use QuickTime Pro to encode to HAPQ. Second - ProRes souce, Resolve edit, output to uncom
  2. I would have called but it was the weekend. Love you guys. The new 4k servers we just got from you are amazing. Many of the other products I work with have live discussion groups/chats through various services so I was checking to see if our community has anything like that. As the operator for the shows I'm on I rarely get a chance to interface with other operators so it would be nice. I'm also severely anti-Facebook and refuse to use my account there.
  3. On the same machine: ASIO works in Production ASIO does not work in Display It's very confusing. But it's enough to get me through show. ASIO didn't work at all on my personal server until I installed ASIO4ALL which makes even less sense since I'm using MOTU's asio and not a4a. The 4k server at the shop setup just fine on both Display and Production so there's something goofy in my personal server. I'll check back if/when I find a solution.
  4. By better I really meant "alternate". Something like a Slack or Discord. Facebook isn't my favorite but I'll take a look at that, thanks!
  5. I installed ASIO4ALL on one machine. Now when I run Production I can get 8 channel audio by selecting MOTU ASIO. If I select Asio4All I get nothing but installing it did something and now the MOTU Asio works. But only in Production. I still get no audio with Display even after matching the settings used in Production. This is starting to make no sense at all.
  6. Do you know the name/brand of a card that works? I'm tired of chaising tails and shooting in the dark HOPING it's going to work. Does anyone know of a card that works with 6.2.2 and Windows 10 and isn't FireWire/Thunderbolt?
  7. There is an ASIO option but it doesn't work. WatchOUT sees it as 14 channels (I'm guessing 6 in, 8 out) but when I select ASIO from the drop down menu I get no audio at all and no way to assign any channels after that. Edit: the card actually has 14 outputs total. I use the card with Reason for multi in/out recording and monitoring.
  8. This is a brand new card driver install. Of course MOTU hasn't updated the drivers for this card since Oct 28 2015. I'm using MOTU Mk3 Ultralight Hybrid. The picture with 6.2.2 is me. Everything is (MOTU Wave for 64bit) [WASAPI]. I can assign audio to only 1 channel pair at a time. I have an ASIO option for the setup (MOTU Audio ASIO (ASIO) last on the list but selecting that results in no audio at all. The picture with 6.0b10 is from Dataton's video. That's the one with all the DirectSound but it has options that make sense. The unit they are using uses the same drivers as the unit
  9. I am using 6.2.2. I've watched the video on how to setup the new audio system with 8 channels and it very much makes sense. But my WatchOUT Display machine doesn't have options for channel 3-4 5-6 and 7-8. I can only assign a "device" and nothing beyond that.
  10. Is there an alternative WatchOUT forum or information someplace?
  11. Still looking for an audio card recommendation. I have four MOTU Mk3 Ultralight Hybrid. They work great for stereo but I can't seem to get 7.1. WatchOUT only sees stereo pairs and can only use 1 set at a time. Windows and WatchOUT used to see the MOTU as a digital output with 8 channels but not anymore. I have four Echo Fire 8. I'm sure those would still work but they're FireWire only and I don't have FireWire anymore. Never would have bought them except they were one of the only 8 channel cards that worked with WatchOUT at the time. I need 7.1 (8 channel) c
  12. In addition to this: An indicator as to where a Free Run video happens to be in it's playback would be nice. A small line within the clip graphic itself would be enough. Being able to know "how long until this loops" would be possible to check if we had this indicator.
  13. +1000000 Please!!! Having a set of "global" Tweens would be nice. Or the option to set a Tween as Global or Local. Global settings would be all changed in one place and Local uses the settings in the cue itself. You could use Global Opacity to set a 1 second crossfade default timing and then quickly/easily update those all to 2 seconds when someone wants slower changes. This has happened to me and it takes forever to go through and reprogram all the fades!!
  14. You run your main and backup from the same file?
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