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  1. Dear All, Anyone has tried Nvidia NVS810 with 8 miniDP port? Does Watchout 6 support? Can output all 8 channels or just 6 channels? Regards, Lawrence
  2. Dear Rainer, Interesting, I knew a bit about this and have been trying to imitate this by saving EDID on the extender, setting EDID file on PC but I think it is still different from a dedicated hardware to do so. I think I’ll have a try. There are many brands and may I know what brand you recommended? Regards, Lawrence
  3. Hi Folks, I'm using a Dell workstation with Quadro P2000 as display computer, outputting 3 sets of HDMI signal at 1920x1080@60Hz to projectors. On the display card end, I used DP to HDMI adaptor, then two shorter paths (15-20m) I use HDMI cables directly, while the longest one is about 25m, I use Kramer HDMI to cat5 extender. There is no issue about the HDMI direct cables but I consistently experience video signal interrupt once a day, happens at random time. We used Kramer extender before and its quality is good, so we thought maybe our Cat5e cable was not good enough or there was some noise, or maybe the projector had problem. We switched to use the latest HDMI fiber cable (the cable core is optical fiber, not an extender type) and swap another projector, but after a few days, same things happened. For your info, all projectors are BenQ PU9530. Most of the time the video signal is disrupted and resume after a while, there are times that when picture resume, Watchout display was minimise and need to remote control it to bring it back to the front. I discussed this with various person and they had diverse options, some said that HDMI has the 5Vdc pin and the line voltage drop as it travel long distance, so the more ports you are using, the higher voltage drops you will experience, but I tried using the computer to output only the longest video signal, and the problem still exist with only one video port. Some said all those extender, fiber cable are unstable and only the HDMI cable with embedded amplifier is stable. So what are you using to extend video signal beyond 20m? Do you tend to use less than 3 ports per card? Regards, Lawrence
  4. Dear Jfk, When i google Artnet delay, I found a number of replies on other software forum mentioned about unicast and broadcast, while I understand what is unicast and broadcast, having using Watchout for so many years I have never had to worry about those, so far I just need to change universe under preference/control, but that might be the reason why the phone APP has no delay while Watchout has, I must have change some network settings without knowing. Where can I adjust the unicast/broadcast in watchout? or it was just a particular type that i should change the ENTTEC instead? or it is the network switch setting? FYI, i just had one master PC and two display PC, an ENTTEC ODE, and a bunch of projectors in the network. Also there is a wifi hook onto this private network for maintenance purpose like using phone for team viewer. For the DMX network, I have the same ENTTEC ODE, one DMX trigger and one AC dimmer, both have 4 channels with different range of addresses, one start with 4 and one start with 32. Regards, Lawrence
  5. Dear Jfk, Thanks for your response, I'm really confuse and don't know how to start with. It is a private network, consists of just the display computer and master computer. I downloaded the phone APP to test because I have checked and swapped every devices (master PC, ENTTEC, lights, transformer, dimmer, etc) and the delay was there, so after near to 2 weeks trial, I downloaded the APP to test....... and I offline Watchout when tested phone APP; exit phone APP when I used Watchout, so to make sure no two connections were controlling at the same time. In any case, it just doesn't make sense the door trigger is in synchronise with timeline while dimmer is not, what are the possible cause of settings? I think Watchout just needs to set universe and I use "0" for both in and out, although I just have output..... and ENTTEC is showing "0" as combined output and "-" as input. Will the firewall or any software patch affects Artnet? If anything does, it should affect door trigger as well as they are all listened to the same DMX line..... but if it is the device side has any issue, the phone APP should experience a delay as well........ I'm really scratching my head! Regards, Lawrence
  6. Hi Folks, I have been using Watchout for about a decade, each year I had a Watchout video show and use Artnet to trigger door open/close and dim some lights. Honestly, I'm not an experience user but the yearly show I'm making is kind of routine. With the exception of the new master workstation, this year I'm using the same of DMX dimmer, DMX relay and ENTTEC ODE MKII, all those equipments are brought from last year and was working properly during last year show (show was last for about a month). However, this year the dimming effect has a 9 second delay, I thought it was the LED lights or the transformer as those are new stuff, but then I download an Artnet control APP on iPhone and the LED lights dimming effect is promptly without delay using phone APP, and the phone is connected to the WiFi network which is the same as the Watchout master is connected to. I thought of Watchout may give me those delay but the door trigger using the same Artnet works spontaneous. So somehow Watchout gives delay to the light/DMX dimmer but not the DMX trigger? If there is some faulty issue with the DMX device, ENTTEC or DMX signal line, then somehow the APP knows how to avoid that? I tried change DMX channel address and it is still the same. I also did reboot DMX device, ENTTEC ODE, master workstation, but nothing change. Did anyone experience that before? What is are the things I should check? I'm using Ver 5.5.2 and Win7 Pro 64-bit. Thanks in Advance! Regards, Lawrence
  7. Dear Paolino and Morgan, Thanks for your suggestions, as explained before, the whole setup was used 3 years before without problem, I used the active mini-dp adaptor that I used 3 years ago as well..... there are 8 sets of them and 1 was broken.... I don't believe all 7 sets will be broken. Besides, if they are broken, I supposed it will be total failure? I do able to obtain 2 output from 2 mini-dp from the same card, just the 3rd (DVI or HDMI) is unstable. In addition, Nvidia card doesn't require any active dp adaptor, still doesn't produce stable signal for the 3rd video channels, and I have tested 3 different cards with different model. It seems to be the workstation issue but I have 8 sets of them, all have the same problem? Some setting must be wrong that I didn't notice! The projectors are new - 4 sets of optoma GT1080 on one card via Kramer cat5 extender; the testing platform is normal Dell monitor that I used for 4~6 years ago via direct DVI cable. I also suspect EDID problem but both Kramer extender is EDID pass-thru, can you suggest a good EDID emulator on Win7 32-bit? Thanks in advance! Regards, Lawrence
  8. Dear All, I have a very strange situation: I has 8 sets of HP Z620 with AMD ATI HD7970 which were purchased more than 3 years ago for a Watchout show, that show lasted for 1 year without any problem and then were store for 2 years, Recently we take out and reinstall the OS (win7 32-bit, using HP recovery CD) for another new project, however, I have trouble to output more than 2 video channel per workstation. HP Z620 is running with 800W power supply and HD7970 only requires 230W. HD7970 should run with 4 displays, which we confirmed that 3 years ago. At first we were thinking it is extender problem but we tried with same problem with direct cable (2m in length). We were able to output 2 video channels but the 3rd display is unstable. At windows level, for those mini-dp connection, windows only identify them as generic monitor. Only either HDMI or DVI can use but sometimes it is unstable, windows detect there is a display but unable to set resolution or output video to the 3rd channel. We have used the same display driver as 3yrs ago, and then also use windows update to update to the latest plus the graphics driver. We also change OS to Win7 64-bit (english) and result is the same. Tested the same machine with ASUS Nvidia GTX 670, 660Ti and 770, and they all cannot output the 3rd display. I also suspect it is power issue but if I unplug one of the power cable (6 pin or 8 pin) then HP will not able to power on, screen prompt me to insert both 6 and 8 pin power, so seems graphics card knows if there enough power. Is anyone has similar experience before? Do you know any window tools that can check the graphics card power usage (maybe HP power supply unstable after 3 years?) or any tools can check if the PCI-e slot is running at x16 Gen3? Regards, Lawrence
  9. Hi Jonas, It is interesting that you mention NVS series. Here in our company, when we choose graphics card, we usually based on the projection system and software application used... realtime application especially works with OpenGL, we tend to choose workstation grade card like Nvidia Quadro card, entertainment video playback we usually use home/game grade graphics card like ATI Radeon HD 7000 series or Nvidia GeForce GTX series. Watchout recommended to use ATI Radeon HD series so we are quite comfortable to use Nvidia GeForce GTX eventhough it hasn't been tested. Watchout actually do has a very good compatibility! Our installations run usually 15hrs daily non-stop for a few months to as long as a year, which means we need a very stable machine. Currently we are using HP Z620 with Sapphire ATI 7970, but half of them were broken already after 6-7 mths, we replaced with Nvidia 660/670. Now here come NVS, we have to design our next system, HP Z620 has this new Nvidia NVS 510 which does support DirectX 11, 2GB with 4 mDP, supports 4 simultaneously output. Do you think I can use this card or I should use back those game cards (Radeon or GTX)? Using the card comes with the workstation should give me pace-of-mind on repair because the whole system would have been tested and I can simply call HP for repair without the need to identify it is not the graphic card problem, but I'm not a software programmer so I'm not sure if support DirectX 11 is good enough or there is some other requirement.... could you give me some suggestions? Thanks, Lawrence
  10. We have tested here in Asus Nvidia GTX 660Ti and Galaxy Nvidia GTX 670 also working seamlessly for 4x full HD display. It actually has much more stable performance than the Sapphire ATI 7970 that we bought last May, using less power and no need for active DP.
  11. Dear All, I'm programming DMX strobe light and it doesn't always give me an accurate flash. I'm using DMXKing eDMX1 3pin to send out DMX signal to the strobe light and using its configuration program to test, the strobe light does flash correctly. When I program the strobe light flashing in watchout timeline and loop the timeline, most of the time it flashes 2 times, other time it flashes once, and sometimes it flashes continuously for a few seconds and sometimes it doesn't flash at all. Is there anything that I should check? What could possibly causes this DMX signal so unstable / unreliable? Regards, Lawrence
  12. Dear All, I want to use Asus 6970 to run 6x 1280x800 or 4x 1920x1200 WMV videos, and because of maintenance and stability issue, I would like to use HP Z620 workstation (gives more power), now they all use Xeon E5 series processor, anyone knows which processor is fitted for this application? Is there any guideline? Multi-threads, cache, clock speed, QPI, what are the specs which really matters? And is there any difference on Controller and Display computer? I believe I can use a less powerful computer (both CPU and display card) for Controller and a much more powerful computer for Display, is that so? Regards, Lawrence
  13. Hi, I want to use Asus 6970 to run 6x 1280x800 or 4x 1920x1200 videos, and because of maintenance and stability issue, I would like to use HP Z620 workstation (gives more power), now they all use Xeon E5 series processor, anyone knows which processor is fitted for this application? Is there any guideline? Multi-threads, cache, clock speed, QPI, what are the specs which really matters? Regards, Lawrence
  14. Hi, Can Watchout control dimmer lights if the dimmer control units has dmx receiver? Yes? Dimmer control unit like Lutron has DMX interface so I believed I can control the dimmer level using Watchout, can't I? It should be quite common application. Any particulars I need to be aware of? Regards, Lawrence
  15. Dear All, I'm using watchout and ENTTEC ODE (Open DMX Ethernet) to control the lighting, I have some odd situation when I use wireless network. I cannot wire an ethernet cable directly from computer to DMX device location, and therefore I have to use wireless network. I use one wireless access point (AP) which connects to ENTTEC ODE, then I use another wireless router (router) which connects to my computer side, I can set the router in 2 different modes: wireless client; and wireless repeater. Strange things is: When I use the computer to control the ODE through wireless, no matter which modes the router is, I can control the lighting with ENTTEC's node management (ODE's own software), but I cannot control with Watchout. When I directly connect an ethernet cable from computer to the AP (now computer and ODE on same AP), then I can control with Watchout as well. Therefore I concluded that ENTTEC and the wireless network has no problem, and my Watchout setting is fine, but it seems to me that when it goes wireless, Watchout cannot pass through those Artnet ethernet signal. Anyone knows why? Thanks and Regards, Lawrence
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