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  1. Dear All, Anyone has tried Nvidia NVS810 with 8 miniDP port? Does Watchout 6 support? Can output all 8 channels or just 6 channels? Regards, Lawrence
  2. Dear Rainer, Interesting, I knew a bit about this and have been trying to imitate this by saving EDID on the extender, setting EDID file on PC but I think it is still different from a dedicated hardware to do so. I think I’ll have a try. There are many brands and may I know what brand you recommended? Regards, Lawrence
  3. Hi Folks, I'm using a Dell workstation with Quadro P2000 as display computer, outputting 3 sets of HDMI signal at 1920x1080@60Hz to projectors. On the display card end, I used DP to HDMI adaptor, then two shorter paths (15-20m) I use HDMI cables directly, while the longest one is about 25m, I use Kramer HDMI to cat5 extender. There is no issue about the HDMI direct cables but I consistently experience video signal interrupt once a day, happens at random time. We used Kramer extender before and its quality is good, so we thought maybe our Cat5e cable was not good enough or there was s
  4. Dear Jfk, When i google Artnet delay, I found a number of replies on other software forum mentioned about unicast and broadcast, while I understand what is unicast and broadcast, having using Watchout for so many years I have never had to worry about those, so far I just need to change universe under preference/control, but that might be the reason why the phone APP has no delay while Watchout has, I must have change some network settings without knowing. Where can I adjust the unicast/broadcast in watchout? or it was just a particular type that i should change the ENTTEC instead? or it i
  5. Dear Jfk, Thanks for your response, I'm really confuse and don't know how to start with. It is a private network, consists of just the display computer and master computer. I downloaded the phone APP to test because I have checked and swapped every devices (master PC, ENTTEC, lights, transformer, dimmer, etc) and the delay was there, so after near to 2 weeks trial, I downloaded the APP to test....... and I offline Watchout when tested phone APP; exit phone APP when I used Watchout, so to make sure no two connections were controlling at the same time. In any case, it just doesn't make
  6. Hi Folks, I have been using Watchout for about a decade, each year I had a Watchout video show and use Artnet to trigger door open/close and dim some lights. Honestly, I'm not an experience user but the yearly show I'm making is kind of routine. With the exception of the new master workstation, this year I'm using the same of DMX dimmer, DMX relay and ENTTEC ODE MKII, all those equipments are brought from last year and was working properly during last year show (show was last for about a month). However, this year the dimming effect has a 9 second delay, I thought it was the LED lights or
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