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  1. in addition to Rainer's Post This can also caused by the Switch/ Switches blocking UDP Broadcast network Traffic Watchout Uses 2 protocols TCP – for General Comm's and locating UDP Broadcast for Sync What your experiencing seems to fit within this Some managed switches try an block UDP Broadcast traffic by default so I would look there firstly Kind Regards Dean
  2. Hi John, Great to hear that Trax is still in use we have quite a range of old trax gear and cables in our office in Sydney I'm sure we can dig out 2 ektapro cables for you send us an email with your details Kind Regards Dean Interactive Controls Pty Ltd Email info@interactivecontrols.com.au Unit 2A, 2-6 Whiting St Artarmon, NSW 2064 Australia phone 02 9436 3022 https://www.interactivecontrols.com.au Dataton Premium Partner for Australia and New Zealand
  3. He surly will be missed, while I hadn't seen mark for a few years he was one of the nicest most genuine guys. Rest in Peace
  4. Hi MSX, The different sample rates could cause this, are the Video files with audio HAP Codec? I had a problem earlier this year with Pops and clicks when using Dante Virtual Sound Card on a 6.3.1 system (Win7 Pro). we were able to get around it by running 6.2.2, were also able to solve the problem by upgrading the OS to Win10 and using 6.3.1 Regards Dean
  5. Hi Callum, The answer may be closer than you think, Something like the Medialon Showmaster LE is perfect for this type of thing as it can even take MIDI In , it has drivers built in to control Watchout , PJ Link etc and has a time line Its a 1 RU Box that has a Web Server Interface or its own Panel Software that can run on up to 3 separate devices on the network, Its quite easy to program and Medialon and Watchout have been used together in dozens if not more High end Musicals and theatre shows World Wide since the early versions of Watchout so the combination has a Great
  6. Hi John, Watchout V6 Doesn't require QuickTime to play back HAP as it has its own Decoder to do this. Kind Regards Dean
  7. HI Mike, Interesting read, Thank you Happy New Year! KInd Regards Dean
  8. Hi , We are based in Sydney and can assist with the integration of External Control into Watchout if you need. Kind Regards Dean Interactive Controls (Dataton Premium Partner - Australia and New Zealand) +61 2 94363022
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