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  1. ProRes 422HQ has been working good for me on Show Sage machines, encoded with Adobe Media Encoder. --D
  2. Sorry, don't mean to turn this thread into a network design discussion, but I'd like to add a couple of points: a) we do not run shows from remote subnets; in this scenario we use shared production resources to push shows to remote clusters, which requires the displays be defined with IP addresses instead of names. The remote clusters are each on their own subnet. This setup has been working well for us for over 8 years. b) UDP is a fully-routable protocol, and is not "typically" restricted to a single subnet (unless it's a broadcast packet, in which case that is true). Both uni-c
  3. Please do not remove the ability to use IP address... We occasionally have Production machines on different subnets from the Display Cluster, and computer names don't work in this scenaio. Thanks, --D
  4. To expand on what jfk was suggesting: 1) (same as above) 2) (same as above) 3) Instead of the Data Visualizer computer setting a variable, have it directly start a task. "run LiveDataViz" 4) In the LiveDataViz task, transition to the live feed, then pause and cue the main timeline. 5) At the End of the LiveDataViz task, play the main timeline and transition back, then kill the task. This could also be a triggered cue from your Data Viz machine, which would allow flexibility in the duration the Data Viz is on screen. 6) At the point of the data viz on the main tim
  5. Actually, in this case, the backslash indicates a decimal value, not hex... it's decimal 62 (Hex 3E), so $62V:1,C:11,G:9,B:1,S:1,F:500$35 would not work. I suspect that ">" and "#" are reserved characters in the D3, which is why they're encoded as decimal. --D
  6. I haven't used either the D3 or the Butlers, but if I had to guess, I would say the first and last bits are encoded decimal values. Try changing this: \62V:1,C:11,G:9,B:1,S:1,F:500\35 To this: >V:1,C:11,G:9,B:1,S:1,F:500# --D
  7. Using the setInput command to ramp over a period of time: setInput myVariable 10 5000 --D
  8. Thanks, Mike. This mostly works; however, when ramping the input (for example, over 5 seconds), the media jitters back and forth a couple of pixels before in between big jumps. --D
  9. I'm trying to write an expression to move a piece of media in increments of 10 pixels. Given a variable of 0-10, I would like output of 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100. The expression I think should work is: (variable - (variable % 1)) * 10 I'll be ramping the variable, so I need to remove the decimal porition. The (variable % 1) should return only the decimal portion of the variable, and subtracting it from itself should give me integers only. I'm using this expression in the X axis of a position tween, and when I set the variable to 7.6, the tween is being set
  10. We had quite a bit of stability trouble with Win7 Enterprise... You may want to test Win10 Enterprise thoroughly before using. --D
  11. I'm in the process of designing a show, and I'm curious about the performance impacts of using conditional layers. For example, if I have four videos, each on a conditional layer, and only one of those layers is enabled at any given time, what is the performance impact? Do the three disabled layers have any impact on disk bandwidth or CPU usage? In my case, I will enable the appropriate layer ahead of time, and not switch layers in the middle of a video. Thanks, --D
  12. When using the "setInputs" external control command, what is the maximum string length that Watchout can receive? Thanks, --D
  13. JFK, we have experienced this randomly with a couple of machines. Could you please confirm if this is the right update? We currently have 6.10a installed. http://codemeter.com/us/service/downloads.html Thanks, --D
  14. JFK, I was looking at that very scenario this week, however, don't you loose blending and geometry corrections when using virtual displays? FYI, Aja has a similar box that is 4KHDMI to 4x HD-SDI at a much more reasonable price than the Hippo... I'm looking into testing with that unit. --D
  15. Has anyone used the Extron 101H EDID Emulators with the Watchpax? We're having an issue where the input side of the emulator "blinks" when the monitor is turned off or changed inputs. We've tried with setting the resolution and refresh rate manually with the rotary switch, and also tried with the "auto" setting, but same result. Does anyone have any suggestions? What EDID emulators have you used that were successful? Thanks, --D
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