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  1. Maybe 10bit cause the problem? share us some sample video, so we can have a look on the codec/video details? Maybe a basic video(detail) compare/check between working "encoding/using HAP for years" Hap file and "the first time I've seen this behavior" Hap file can tell the different?
  2. Hi Jay, I did some test. And Yes, i have same issue with mp4(video proxy) with startup script across different version. Luckily, i found some work around. A.use HAP codec. B.for mp4, uncheck the "Enable WATCHPAX Hardware Acceleration" in the video proxy setting. But running the show using Putty(or similar tools) or Production, no problem at all. I already inform Dataton regarding this issue, they are looking into it. Hope this help! M
  3. have you use the correct name for the pre-split files?
  4. Hi, Please use older Nvidia GPU driver.(460.89) any version newer than that will cause stripes green effect. M.
  5. try to use combination of Auxiliary timeline(Task) and Control cue. set the control cue: Tell: Main Timeline jump to Control cue Named: XXXX Select "RUN" then send command to trigger the task. hope it helps for now.
  6. you should get something like this
  7. connect keyboard on the display computer, then use print screen button. paste it on "Paint" save the file.
  8. There's no "direct" control of the mask/edge blend. I can think the following workaround: -capture a screenshot of the mask/blend as still image, then apply it the timeline/layer. -use video switcher and switch between display computer -if time allow, use 2 separate project. go online/offline. -turn on/off the manual masking through display setting(with live update or manual update)
  9. Have you enable "Send Trackables" in the Output Configuration? and match the Trackable ID & tracking name in Watchout. Old version(BT) Settings are bit difference. Please share us some screenshots of the Output Configuration.
  10. You can capture the source by using capture card or NDI.
  11. What actual "spout" function do you need?
  12. you can send "value" to Watchout through tcp/ip command. to control such as position, scale, opacity, color value...etc.
  13. What kind of codec are you using?
  14. Check the universe. and go ONLINE.
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