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  1. Have you enable "Send Trackables" in the Output Configuration? and match the Trackable ID & tracking name in Watchout. Old version(BT) Settings are bit difference. Please share us some screenshots of the Output Configuration.
  2. You can capture the source by using capture card or NDI.
  3. What actual "spout" function do you need?
  4. you can send "value" to Watchout through tcp/ip command. to control such as position, scale, opacity, color value...etc.
  5. What kind of codec are you using?
  6. Check the universe. and go ONLINE.
  7. I dont think you can get 6outputs on nuc8i7BEH. seems do not have 6 output ports. and also version 5.5.2 not support windows 10 https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/does-watchout Not sure where are you from, but i believe you can rent version 6 dongles for testing.
  8. Watchout User Guide 6.4.1 P.176 have list of commands. run and halt are the play/pause command. Enjoy.
  9. Have you linked between s400, and setup the sync "source" correctly? and how many processor are you using?
  10. May I know where are you from and when did you attend certified training?
  11. Watchout support HAP ALPHA , NOT HAP Q ALPHA. make sure you convert the right codec.
  12. If you do not need Geometry correction and blending function from Watchout, then you will be fine. if not, It will become very complicated to do the geometry correction for FOUR 1920x1080 in one display(3840x2160) output.
  13. Watchout support Artnet DMX. I can not see SLESA-U8 spec mention anything about artnet. I think SLESA-UA wont work with Watchout.
  14. No? it will lose the blending function. suggest go for proper setup. build 3 sets of 6 output display server with professional graphic card(w9000,w9100 or wx9100). and one production server. Especially you are new to Watchout, dont try to save too much and make shortcut. even i tell you, you can use FX4 with manual masking(blend) to save some output. but since Watchout will treat FX4 as one output, the geometry correction will become a mess. you (even me) will work like hell on site. Personally I would prefer proper setup for 3 x 6output display server & 1 production server.
  15. Make sure the LED processor can sync between each other. from our experience, we always connect direct from display card(Watchmax) to sending card. because LED processor can not accept (native)high resolution, it can only enlarge(digital zoom) to match the LED size. and no sync reference between the processor. Maybe nowadays the LED processor technology improve. Please let us know What is the native pixel of the LED wall, and how many sending cards you are using.
  16. You can check by: Stage-> Manage Display Computer -> Remote Access Display software File-> Edit Startup Script Notepad File-> Save As go back to This PC-> Right Click-> Properties.
  17. No. you can not delete the stage tier
  18. answer is 4! because Watchout only support 1 gpu.
  19. Maybe you can check what program are running on startup via msconfig or Windows Registry?
  20. Why not using Artnet Firmware. Then control via DMX output?
  21. Radeon Pro Duo are 3 x DP and 1 x HDMI, and 2 x GPU. Watchout only support 1 GPU, so maybe not working with all output.
  22. in the Virtual Display setting. media preview, set to High Quality.
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