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  2. Watchpax 4 comes with a 3.5mm stereo out socket. For multi-channel sound you should extract the audio of the 4 videos to 4 WAV files, then assign the WAV files to different outputs of a multi-channel external USB soundcard.
  3. Hi Jason, You do not need to use "proxy" when the file is available. If the sound media is compatible with your hardware motherboard/sound card it should play. Best Ken
  4. Hi Carol, Yes your requirement can be achieved. 1. configure the Timecode pull down menu of Wpax60 to receive Timecode from the sound card. 2. Connect external Timecode to Audio input 1 of the multi-core cable (the DIN to 4 pairs of XLR cannon plugs) 3. In the start up script of the Wpax60, set it to run on cluster and stop or pause at a point of the main timeline to wait for external Timecode 4. In the start up script of the Wpax60, activate the Timecode input by selecting the kind of Timecode being fed in SMPTE/EBU, 24fps or 29.97hz etc. 5. Save the edited start up script and relaunch the Wpax60. Play the Timecode from the MIF4, The show’s timeline will follow the Timecode fed in, off-set of the Timecode input can be prescribed in the startup script. You only need to feed Timecode to the Wpax60 running the start up script, not both units. You may have to adjust the input volume to make the Timecode heard by the Wpax60. Try and let us know if you require any further information. best ken
  5. I would plug the Watchpax to a home-use AC power supply timer plug. Set the show to run on cluster.
  6. Our friend who edge-blended AV work with professional golf marshaling.
  7. Hi Kai, The total pixel count of the LEDs is 47.7m, which is less than the total of 6x UHD channels 49.7m. If the content preparation/file spliting can fully utilize this, then you would only need one 6-channel server WX9100 for the LED wall. The other 5 video projectors do not require frame-sync as the LED wall, you can replace your WX9100 with a Watchpax 4 and a Watchpax 20 to feed the 5 projectors. This will help to reduce your hardware costs.
  8. Hi Kai, I suggest you first try to change the signal cable, or swap the two monitors to see what happens. Best wishes Ken
  9. Hi Songyost I shall answer your post separately since it is not directly related to Windows 10 issue.
  10. There is an accompanying document with the Kinect lesson in the Watchout Academy, in its ending part it says: “Changing the Interface Program: If you want to do something more interesting with Kinect in conjunction with WATCHOUT, change the interface program to support additional parameters, or change the way the parameters are calculated. The interface program is written in C#, and can be edited using the free Microsoft Visual Studio Express.” You can contact your local Watchout partner for more information.
  11. dmx_test.watch.zip My tech team has put together a simple 3-spotlight program for you to test with your hardware setup. Please see if your reported errors reappear.
  12. Hello Jonas Thank you for uploading the show for my examination. Nice show, good graphics, lots of work. There are lots of videos. When you crossfade two compositions, you have 52 videos running at the same time! The WMVs are running well. You also have a large composition, 4826x2524, encompassing all 4 displays with borders. The pixel count is almost 50% more than if you use 4 compositions of 1920x1080 each. Since the 4 displays are separated, I suggest you use 1 composition for each display, then you would have less videos in each composition and a smaller composition. This workload will be lighter for the hardware system. Best
  13. Yes you can do it with Watchout. Record the corrected output from Watchout, probably via a data capture card, then put the recorded movie back into Watchout for play back.
  14. You should be able to select "use" or disable the display in the screen/display dialogue box.
  15. Thank you for such an enjoyable read. I wish you a Happy Year of the Monkey!
  16. Hello tekatronic, My office can replace the key for you. Please email me off-forum. Ken AUDIO VISUAL TECHNIQUE ken@avtchina.net
  17. Hi David, This link compares W7100 and W5100, might be useful to you. http://www.anandtech.com/show/8371/amd-firepro-w7100-w5100-w4100-w2100 Best Ken
  18. Well done! My kudos to the Sweden and USA teams!
  19. Win 7 Ultimate supports multiple languages, useful if your Watchout PC will be used by a foreign language user.
  20. How about putting your unwanted displays to a different Tier, and applying layer conditions to those content not meant for the big screen? Ken
  21. You may find this earlier post from Jonas useful: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/93-wo5-multi-output/
  22. Your local Watchout Premium Partner or dealer may be able to rent or loan to you what you need. Regards
  23. Hi mosu, If you need help in acquiring Datatpath E2s, please contact me off forum. Ken Premium Partner China DATATON WATCHOUT ken@avtchina.net +86 13061782180
  24. Hi garretherzig, Many Watchout users have VNC installed on their Production PC and use a remote laptop for geometry correction (via wireless AP to the Watchout network). May I suggest that you use VNC for your pre-show tweaking and uninstall it afterwards?
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