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  1. Did you updated your windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 1809? wich update you used?
  2. Yes, I swapped on the same display computer, and with the second display computer as well, both adapters and cables are fine, my system was going in a 16x16 barco dvi matrix and I swapped between inputs, all inputs were fine. I did use emulated EDID from Panasonic ptdz870, barco dvi matrix, barco pds902 and also a 43” Tv, all EDIDs same issue, even tried to disable and remove all emulated EDID, still same problem. I’m waiting my watchout server come back to the company and will try different driver versions. I’ll post my progress. Thanks,
  3. Hi, I’m having some issues when I update my show for new content. I’m using Watchout 6.2.2 windows 7 home premium W9000 latest drivers, 6 outputs per display, 2 display computers. when I start up my display computers with EDID set for 1920x1080 and go online everything looks great on both displays, I start to setup my show and when I do update, randomly losses signal for 1 or sometimes more outputs on both displays, tried to work on live update and get same problem, tried relaunch Watchout and nothing, only solution is to reboot the display and go online again. But on remote acc
  4. Download link for audio channel assgnment is not working, can someone re-uploado or post a new link? Tks, Mith-
  5. I had a problem where i setup my videos to free runing looping and they pause after a while, and at producer computer keep looping, didnt stop at exctly frame or time, was random. Still dont know why. So when it pauses i used the update or stop and play again. Also tried diferent codecs. Used xilisoft video converter 7 to convert the videos
  6. actually i cant make watchout control the matrix at all, when i put to work ill make one to call the preset i want and Another to take, the problem is its not working
  7. Hi guys, Im trying from my first time control a matrix from watchout and im having a lot troubles. first i did is create an output string named Matrix, selected network Port TCP or UDP, at ip address i set, port ip number 23, selected udp then i draged the output to my timeline, at string cue name put TAKE, data to send tried also TAKE 1 and $0D TAKE 1. and its not working, am I doing right? wut did i miss? please can someone help me? Sry my english
  8. I have the same cards, and also the same problem, but the blackmagic is working in windows and i can see it in the watchout, i remeber it used to work, but its not working anymore, maybe the new version? PS My motherboard is a sabertooth z77
  9. Hi guys, I need a big help. Im going to use mac pro tools to play a song, and I need to sync with watchout, I saw that Watchout works with LTC (SMPTE/EBU) timecode control, but I have NO IDEA, how to works with it, if i need some software to send those commands, nothing, i searched at the forum but found nothing. If you do have a topic explaining please tell me, if don't give some direction please. Thanks
  10. Jonas, thank you for reply, but im still not getting surround at watchout or quicktime, can you upload a working file sound, for me to test if there is my sound file our my computer? Thanks again
  11. Guys, help me here please, I seated my computer 5.1 surround trought the MB, using mini jacks cables. When I play a 5.1 audio on WMP it works great, all 6 channels, but when i play at watchout, or directly from quicktime only plays 2 channels, is that a configuration problem, or a missing codec, or the directX problem that u guys are talkkng about? Because the surround is working for me, at windows at least. Thanks INTEL i7 MB: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 GRAPHIC CARD: ASUS HD 7970 DIRECT CU II WINDOWS 7 64 BITS
  12. I've the same problem, tried 1080i 29.97 and all others resolutions, when i change the resolution in the camera to 480i it works just fine, but not at 1080i, the new version of watchout fix it? Im using 5.3.1 Thanks
  13. I can freeze the video first frame by using cues comands and an auxiliar timeline, but doing it to several videos would take some time and mostly i don't have the time. Usually I'm using a black image to the moviment and fade to the video when in the position, but it also takes some time. But I guess there is no easier way :/
  14. Copy and past to notepad is REALLY USEFUL, thanks mshaub (y)
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