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  1. with mac osx everythink work fine the problems are only with windows (firewall off)
  2. Ok, thank you i have ndi tools on windows. Is this ndi hx? But i have also the problem with the randomly missing media
  3. After restart the Display Pc the Stream work, but the stream interrupt randomly with the message: missing for media also the stream starts with a delay 6 - 10 seconds (different times in Live view on Production Pc and Display PC) when the stream has started, it will work fine stop and start the stream will be the problem
  4. i see the NDI stream on the Producction PC with Live Video but not on the DIsplay PC Message: Warning: NDI Stream "Desktop......." missing for media "I5" what can i do?
  5. Hallo herr Beddig War vor 2-3 jahren bei ihnen zur Schulung Hab das problem das ich aus 5 videos (alle genau 2 minuten lang) einen composition erstellen moechte. Alle videos starten zur gleichen Zeit. Die composition ist aber 2,03 minuten lang und die letzten 3 sekunden sind schwarz Dadurch hab ich im loop und freerun immer 3 sec schwarz, sollte aber ein durchgehender loop sein
  6. I have 5 files with 2 minutes I make a compositon with the 5 files, all starting at the same time The composition is 2 minutes und 3 sec The last 3 sec are black Problem with loop What can i do?
  7. thnks frederik the remote access is after selecting the display also greyed out
  8. in manage display computer the remote access is grayed out what can i do to make it work watchout 5.2 windows 7
  9. Ok, nero was the problem, now it works Thanks a lot
  10. i have a Video (QT Animation) 10 sec, 1152 x 200 pixel with alpha when i import the mediafile, the file is over 6 minutes with only 300x 216 pixel i create the file with apple motion und export with compressor Watchout 5.1 every qt animation after import has only 300x216 In qt player the file is shown correctly with the orig resolution import the file on another production pc, work fine the problem is the production pc
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