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  1. Hello developers and programmers. Thank you for an amazing product. Please see if you can implement my feature requests. Just like the way you are able to see whether a clip is using ADD / DARKEN / MULTIPY etc. just by looking at it on the timeline, it would be great to see whether a clip is LOOPING or FREE RUNNING just by looking at it on the timeline. Maybe rather than the clip having the word loop or free run displayed like ADD and MULTIPLY, the clip border could change colour, say purple for loop and blue for free run? And since it is such a common tween to use, can we not make a
  2. Yeah, I had the same problem. Only on *.wav files and only on ver 6.1.2 Ended up having to render out the audio as a video file and tween out the opacity of the these new video / audio files. Please let us know when this is corrected, as I prefer using separate *.wav files for all videos, unless of course we can get a wav spectrum within the video preview on the timeline, much like the *.wav file receives, that would be great feature too.
  3. True, those gigs were predominantly video content. But with the new mac pro's now having two dedicated 3GB AMD Firepro GFX cards, do you not think that they will have enough power to handle the keying and masking involved in a more complex show. We have 9 racks with ATI Radeon 6 output cards installed, but I seem to battle a lot more with them than I do with the Mac's. Occasional blue screens, crashes during programming, delayed or slow updates, yet the machines are packed full with the latest and greatest hardware available at the time. (one year ago). I have an upcoming show where we ar
  4. Hi gents, just to add my two cents regarding Watchout 5 and Mac. We have successfully run many shows using our MacBook Pro Retinas's as display machines, with absolutely no problems, in fact, watchout runs so well on our macs, that we are about to purchase the new Mac Pro's as our primary display computers.
  5. Why don't Dataton take it upon themselves to partner with one of the above mentioned midi control manufacturers and design a purpose built Watchout Control Desk, labeling them with the specific tweens that Watchout allows, and also giving us the end users a purpose built piece of hardware rather than shooting in the dark at all these music production hardware tools. If you can find a Midi Controller with a Joystick, horizontal slider, vertical slider, buttons with space for labeling rotary nobs as well as whatever else would be ideal for Watchout, I'd happily buy it, but I get the feeling non
  6. Here's a few features I'd really appreciate. The possibility of reversing a cue, much like hitting the 0 to run forwards, it would be great to be able to hit a key to run a transition backwards as presenters often like to refer back to their previous points. As we are able to name the cues with the "F" keys and jump to them by simply hitting hem, I'd really appreciate a few more quick, on the fly, hot keys for moving to certain states within my pre-programmed timeline. Possibly by holding down control whilst hitting that key, it can automatically transition from the current cue to the
  7. As simple as that, Thank you. Version 5.1 has solved all those problems instantly. Will try keep my eyes open for updates a little more often. Cheers.
  8. Hardware: Core i7 extreme processor with 12 threads 2x Seagate 1TB 7200rpm Drives 8GB RAM - 3GB useable due to 32bit OS Radeon HD6990 4GB 6 output Display Card Black Magic Decklink HD SDI Capture Card Software: Windows 7 32bit Watchout 5 Drivers: Latest drivers for all components installed
  9. Hey there. We have recently purchased the ATI Radeon HD6990 with 4x Mini Display Ports and 1x Dual Link DVI Output. We have also purchased the Black Magic Decklink SDI Capture Card for an upcoming gig. As we have just got it all working together we thought we'd put it to the test, only to discover, that the input from the capture card doesn't work over the blended areas, it simply appears blank. Please let us know if there is something we are doing incorrectly so that we can solve this issue. Our proof of this issue is that after going to File/Preferences/Edge Blend and taking the blend ou
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