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  1. Yes, all tweaking list checked. Driver version: 8.5
  2. Yes, I´ve tried using de-interlace. The only result is more frames of delay. I´ve also tried 1080p, same problem. In our last show I had the input rotated a few degrees on Z and the stripes were vertical! I appreciate any help, thanks
  3. Hello, I´ve been having the following issue when capturing SDI signal using Decklink SDI and SDI Duo: Sometimes the captured image (SDI, 1080i 5994) inside watchout shows someting I call "fields", like a deinterlaced signal with horizontal stripes. I´ve checked the input source (usually a digital switcher at 1080i 59,94) with the card´s software and it´s ok, I´ve tried every setting from the live video window, tried scalling down and up, moving the cue, and the only thing that sometimes seems to work is leaving the cue at 100% or 75% scale I used to think that maybe the Kramer SDI splitter I use to send the image to several displays was somehow interfering, but I´ve seen this conecting directly one camera to one display too. And sometimes, with same settings, same input, same hardware, etc, it works ok one day, but not the next one. Any ideas? My computers are Intel core i7 920 @ 2,67 GHz, 4GB in ram, windows 7 32 bits Thank you Diana Velilla
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