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  1. Do u use it often on LED walls or mainly over blended projection? Blended projection are usually more forgiving, when used in an edge butt setup on led walls, off sync shows up more prominently. I'll like to know if i can get 100% picture sync on these cards.
  2. It would be nice to have a status screen to show a count down to the next cue point and also display the current name of the cue and upcoming item. It will be nice in a larger production enviroment when the operator is required to give cues to other department. A countdown clock of the current video play would be nice too.
  3. Hi People, New to this forum, i've lotsa useful info so far but i can' seem to find much on the firepro and sync card. I'm looking at building 2 systems with 4 output to achieve 8 output for driving an led wall setup. It'll be pretty much a 15360 x 860 image size. I'm looking at fitting the system with a ATI AMD Firepro W7000 with S400 sync card. My question is: 1) Does the sync card work at the hardware level to sync up the 2 display machines or do i need some extra bit of software or driver to activate the sync? 2) Is the physical setup as simple as connecting a net
  4. Hi there, Does anyone have experience in using laptop base watchout media server? I'm looking at at getting 2 x alienware X17R3 with a 2gb ATi Radeon 6990M/an nvidia xt550 fitted with an 512 SSD Raid. Gonna be running win7 32bit for stabilty issue. Hoping to get a Blackmagic UltraStudio USB 3 to handle video capture. Linking the whole system with a cisco gigabit network switch. Hopefully, this setup it should allow me to run a 4 screen blend setup via the hdmi and displayport on each laptop. I would like some inputs on this. It'll be very much apprecited. Any suggestion or recomm
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