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  1. Hi Fredrik, Thanks for the answers! About delete tiers : they don't consume overhead from a technical perspective, but from a users perspective they do, because they are in the show and by choosing a wrong one you create a problem in displaying content the right way on the Christie microtiles videowall. About locking the tier : I indeed mean locking in the stage screen : if you move -mostly by accident- one of the areas (in our case representing 1 of the 16 display computers) this will create gaps and shifted content on the wall : see attached image Best regards, Kees van We
  2. Hi there, 1) I'm having trouble with a wrong defined stage tier, which I like to delete. This seems unpossible (version WO 4.2.2). Anyone an idea? 2) It would be nice if you could "lock" the stage tier : I am using a stage tier for 16 display pc's and now and then I rearrange by accident parts of the tier resulting in shifted content on the Christie tiles. Any suggestion is welcome Kees van Wezel
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