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  1. Has any tried the new Intel NUC Hades Canyon nuc8i7hvk as a Watchout Display Computer?
  2. I'm trying to recall presets on a PTZoptics camera using a network port (TCP or UDP) The string to recall a preset is: 8x 01 04 3F 02 pp FF where pp is the memory number(=0 to 254) in hexadecimal (0x00-0xfe). So lets say i'm trying to recall preset # 5 (8x 01 04 3F 02 0x05 FF), ow would you enter that string in the String Cue in Watchout? As an alternative, is there a way to send the command as the corresponding URL (http://[Camera IP]/cgi-bin/ptzctrl.cgi?ptzcmd&poscall&5) in a cue?
  3. Your last recommendations are from January 2015 so do you have any more recent recommendations for builds with X299/Z270 motherboards and newer GPUs?
  4. Will Watchout 6.2 support NDI for both input and output?
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