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  1. Has any tried the new Intel NUC Hades Canyon nuc8i7hvk as a Watchout Display Computer?
  2. I'm trying to recall presets on a PTZoptics camera using a network port (TCP or UDP) The string to recall a preset is: 8x 01 04 3F 02 pp FF where pp is the memory number(=0 to 254) in hexadecimal (0x00-0xfe). So lets say i'm trying to recall preset # 5 (8x 01 04 3F 02 0x05 FF), ow would you enter that string in the String Cue in Watchout? As an alternative, is there a way to send the command as the corresponding URL (http://[Camera IP]/cgi-bin/ptzctrl.cgi?ptzcmd&poscall&5) in a cue?
  3. Your last recommendations are from January 2015 so do you have any more recent recommendations for builds with X299/Z270 motherboards and newer GPUs?
  4. Will Watchout 6.2 support NDI for both input and output?
  5. Thanks Snaido, Do you convert the OSC strings to DMX in your OSC bridge? Can you describe your process?
  6. Thank you Mike. Nice tutorials! Any chance you could make all these files available for download? Also at the end of the "3d-texturing-using-virtual-displays" video, you mention a subsequent tutorial to prepare the geometry to use WO6 with 3D objects, is it available yet? Edit: Disregard the question about the files, I found them!
  7. Thank you Mike. So, yes there is a plan to implement OSC to control Watchout but nothing to send OSC strings from Watchout, correct? Any timeframe for this implementation? When will there be a user manual available for WO6? Or even just an addendum for the new features that are available. Frédéric
  8. Is there any plan to implement the Open Sound Control protocol in the near future to 1) control Watchout and 2) control other systems from Watchout? Also, is there a user manual available yet for WO6? All I can seem to find is the one for WO5.2
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