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  1. According to AMD the Wx serie can run on either W10 or W7
  2. Hi Martin, I've the same issue when I use the AMD Firepro Wx series videocards (System running on Win7 and any WO 6.x.x and all generation AMD drivers tested) I my case looping will not fix this... Replacing the videocard for a W5100 will solve this, and system runs flawless (8 x Full HD HAP's 60fr. at the same time). Probably a compatibility issue between MB and videocard. Hugo
  3. Hi there, on this weeks tradeshow “Living Kitchen” in Cologne, Germany (Kölner Messe), I’m looking for a local AV-tech to do servicing if required. The tradeshow is from 14-20 Jan. Please send you PM to hugo@janzen.nl Thanks in advance!
  4. I found this video on a different forum. https://www.residentialsystems.com/technology/networking-basics Enjoy!
  5. If you need any assistance I'm available to support you. Or find an operator nearby; try www.toperators.com Hugo (+31 653 443 661)
  6. Take a showcontrol system as central control unit (Medialon Manager is my favorite) Devices to be controlled: - Watchout - PC or Mac, using keyboard emulator software (Ethernet of RS232) - I/O device for cues from the presenter (wired or wireless) Now you have full control over your show
  7. We're setting up www.toperators.com to help you finding the right talent Hugo
  8. I use mini Displayport Extension cables: Goobay DisplayPort Verlengkabel [1x Mini-DisplayPort stekker - 1x Mini-DisplayPort bus] 1 m Wit Safe ride!
  9. Did you try: www.toperators.com ?
  10. Hi, I've a situation which might be related to your post: - 3 Display PC's WO5 - WNet 1.0 Running a timeline started by WN with movies "free running" & "Looping", will only run & loop on the DIsplay PC which is Primary in the cluster. On the other two Display PC's the movies will flash and freeze. Changing the Primary Cluster to an other Display PC will have that PC run fine and the other two will behave as described. The Load Show is executed by WN and not by a script Cmd.txt as autostart. Hugo
  11. I always do the job with Focusrite Saffire Pro40 http://global.focusrite.com/firewire-audio-interfaces/saffire-pro-40 Do not connect or disconnect the firewire cable when systems are switched on. Produce a correct Multichannel Wave file; I mostly use Audicity. Contact me if you need further details: hugo@janzen.nl Save ride!
  12. Medialon Manager might be a good tool.
  13. Find your oparator at Toperators ! https://www.toperators.com/search Hugo
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