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  1. I’ve got a few available in The Netherlands. please send me pm hugo@janzen.nl
  2. Here are some wiring diagrams including Ektapro.
  3. Did you place a Watchpoint shortcut directly in the Startup folder of your Windows system? When your Watchout Display PC boots, probably not all Windows tasks have been started up. You might use a DELAYRUN function when starting up the Watchpoint. This enables Windows to complete it's booting before Watchpoint is launched. (Page 187 of the manual). Hugo
  4. Hi, There is a complete list of instructions in the manual. I’m shure you’ll find your way. Suggestion: use Auxilary Tasks for all your triggers. Safe ride! Hugo
  5. According to AMD the Wx serie can run on either W10 or W7
  6. Hi Martin, I've the same issue when I use the AMD Firepro Wx series videocards (System running on Win7 and any WO 6.x.x and all generation AMD drivers tested) I my case looping will not fix this... Replacing the videocard for a W5100 will solve this, and system runs flawless (8 x Full HD HAP's 60fr. at the same time). Probably a compatibility issue between MB and videocard. Hugo
  7. Hi there, on this weeks tradeshow “Living Kitchen” in Cologne, Germany (Kölner Messe), I’m looking for a local AV-tech to do servicing if required. The tradeshow is from 14-20 Jan. Please send you PM to hugo@janzen.nl Thanks in advance!
  8. I found this video on a different forum. https://www.residentialsystems.com/technology/networking-basics Enjoy!
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