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  1. Hi Benoit, At this stage I use the Disguise-built AME plugin. I have used everything in the past, and had multiple topics of conversation with both the HAP developers as well as FFMPEG (which give very poor results). Hap does a fine job for footage. But anything that is graphically created with any sort of gradients has banding, often really bad. I have tested every which way I can think of for better results. Strange thing is generally for gradients, you get better results with HAP than you do with HAPQ. https://github.com/Vidvox/hap-qt-codec/issues/16
  2. I have made this request directly to support, might as well add it here publicly. This needs to be the highest priority need. HAP does NOT look good.
  3. Not sure how long this has been the case, but for a while now, you can type numbers only, leaving out the ":" and watchout will insert the colons. So, <ctrl>-J | 0510.00 - will jump you to 5:10.00
  4. I would vote for fixing this sooner vs. later. It is very bothersome and was better when it worked the other way (jumping to the proper frame or last frame of video).
  5. Oh I see Matt already linked to the same link. Sorry for the repeat!
  6. Hi Richard, Although I haven't tried this in a few years, last time I needed such a feature - I was able to do it in Photoshop with Native Define Variable features. Here is a nice tutorial on how to accomplish. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/creating-data-driven-graphics.html
  7. Hi all, Reviving this old thread to let you all know that for a limited time we are offering Perpetual (non-subscription) licenses for purchase. There is also a free trial available for download. https://www.corpimaging.com/piw
  8. I would NOT recommend using FFMPEG to make HAP files. The image quality is not as good as other methods. If you can install AME 12.0.1 and the normal HAP QT plugin, use AME Here is a link to alpha versions for AME plugin for versions greater than 12.0.1: https://github.com/disguise-one/hap-encoder-adobe-cc/releases
  9. I have had good success making 4K MPG2 in FF. HAP is great - and the performance is unworldly, but sometimes I need either smaller files sizes or better image quality (yes, I find MPG2 quality better than HAP for many types of media). I find MPG2 performance vs quality far superior to MPG4. Here are my FF settings: -c:v mpeg2video -g 15 -bf 0 -pix_fmt yuv422p -b:v 80000k -minrate 80000k -maxrate 80000k -bufsize 80000k
  10. All very interesting. I usually tend to batch/multi-processor render from AE to uncompressed first anyways, so - for me - the AME plugin is a fine (even preferred) solution. I hope to test the Disguise Plugin further this coming week.
  11. Good info WatchDog. I had not tried Render Garden, because it uses FF. Gonna have to look into it and see if they are using different switches than I am or a different build that uses different encoding. I was able to try the Disguise plugin. I have bee on site, so remoting in to office machine so as not to mess anything up on site. Therefore although I was able to test the process, I am unable to adequately rate the quality/performance of the result yet. However - I WAS able to get it installed in CC 2019. And I DID have AE (que to AME) make a HAP file - then reimported into AE. S
  12. Hey JJ. Sorry - for some reason I was didn’t get a notification on the reply to this thread - I am just seeing it now. It has been a year or so since I have done real world testing on this. I am not sure if anything has changed. My finding were that encoding to HAP with FFMPEG resulted in worse quality than if encoded with AME. The differences are in banding, color depth and artifacts (blocky compression). It was by no means unacceptable quality, but definitely worse for computer generated content. I am not sure I understand what you are saying. Playback performance is fine.
  13. I know this has been a while... but we have finally had the time to make a release out of this product. Photoshop Import for Watchout is now available for purchase. Automatically import all Photoshop layers into Watchout. Trimmed, in position, with anchors centered! It even supports blend modes and making each PSD into a composition. Have a look at the video tutorial here: http://www.corpimaging.com/piw/ Thanks for all the positive feedback on this over the last few years. Keith Tromer
  14. I dont understand? We are talking about HAP encoding here. Not ProRes. The ProRes in this case is the source and look good. -kt
  15. That's an interesting thought. I'll test to be sure... but since the same input file gets excellent results with FFMPEG for 4K MPG2 I would say that decoding is not the issue. I'll run the test anyways. -kt
  16. No, I have not tried coming from image sequences (that's what you mean, right?) - but that should not make a difference on encode quality I would think. In any case, my situation makes it not possible for me to input sequences anyways. FYI - What I have learned from the HAP forum is that AME (and AE etc...) use the quicktime codec written by hap to encode. FFMPEG does NOT... and wrote their own encoder. I, for one, am not happy with the FFMPEG encoding. Anyone else? -kt
  17. I'm trying to understand why I am getting substantially worse results while encoding to HAP using FFMPEG vs. Adobe Media Encoder. My problem is I need to do Chuncks encoding (which cannot be set using AME) but the results from FFMPEG are not up to quality. See results here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4fakivsytefl60c/HAP%20Test.tif?dl=0 Has anyone else seen these issues? Here is my FF command line: ffmpeg.exe -i "H:\_Render\test.mov" -vcodec hap -format hap_q "H:\_Render\output.mov" AME is set to HAP Q, Quality=100, Render at Max Depth (not that any of those settings makes a dif
  18. Hmmm. The only thing you mention that I have not personally tried is Hap v12 (I think I am using v10). Erik - have you tested HAP renders with v12 encoding? Keith
  19. As Erik said above, all files in same format - including the preview file. I was having some issues with the preview file being H264 (seems like a logical thing to do), but that was screwing up the presplits sometime. I think there may also have been an issue that I was using a utility I wrote to generate the PreSplit via making a clipboard to paste in. The original source of the clipboard was a presplit from a previous version, and that caused a problem. Try creating a brand new pre-split - ensure all files are same codec (Q or notQ) - with no preview file. -Keith
  20. I can confirm the issues I was having with HAP Pre-Splits above have been solved in 6.1+. Keith
  21. I am just guessing here... but do you have any layers in either of those timelines that have a blend mode (screen, multiply, etc...) other than normal? That would cause what you describe. -kt
  22. I'm just wondering if we are only talking about the Display software here? I run production on Windows 10 just fine. Anyone else?
  23. I concur. I was the source of that link posted above by Jim. With Hap v8, Watchout played consistently. Individual files were good, but there was consistently a problem with playing them in PreSplits. The problem with 8 was the ENCODER was crashing on Windows. He fixed this with v9 - but now the movies have issues in Watchout. It was a bit inconsistent and hard to nail down - but I concur, there WERE issues. Unfortunately I am not in front of any v6 keys to test more at the moment, but figured this info might help other identify (reproduce) the issue. Here is some notes I had... wonder
  24. Yeah - I thought so. If that were the case, I could set them in Production and save them there. What I want is to adjust on the fly with sliders in WatchNet - then have them save. Back to ye 'ol drawing board. Just saying... if WatchNet could at least give me feedback of exact values, then it would be easy to go hard code them back into Production and upload. Thanks Mike - hope your doing well. kt
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