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  1. Thanks to all. We will look into the various suggestions. I like Fredrik's idea. Just back from a presentation and our video file looked a bit hot... at least to our liking. Coming from a Kodachrome background (last century) we like saturated and slightly underexposed images. We have been very successful at achieving the look we want using Watchout. Only need to find the best way to replicate when we have a single screen show that needs to be dubbed to video. Fortunately we were outputting Prores 4.2.2 so the result was OK.... still prefer the original Watchout uncompressed result though.
  2. We need to output our show (single screen) from Watchpax to an Atomos Flame video recorder. All is fine but for one thing, the recorded video file has probably a 10% higher brightness than what we get on our monitors or our protectors. Is there a global command in WATCHOUT we could use to reduce the displayed brightness? Read the manual and could not find what we are looking for. Thanks Michel Gilbert W/O 5.1
  3. Hi Jim, we used the OS configuration checklist when we set up. We will have a close look at the drivers source and go through the checklist again. Thanks. will keep you posted. Michel
  4. Hi, we mainly use Watchpax units for display. Production uses a Mac Pro running Bootcamp and Win 8.1 on WO 5.5.1. As a display computer during production we would like to use a MacBook Pro. We have used it with the same softwares mentioned above. However, sometimes, and quite often, WO crashes on the MacBook Pro running Bootcamp. Our program is not "heavy", single screen, still images, mainly fades and scaling. Any idea/suggestion... Thanks Michel Gilbert SUB-IMAGES
  5. Ma y thanks, Will try that. Best Michel
  6. For a specific application we need to run WO from Macs using Bootcamp. All works fine except that transferring a show to the display computer takes FOREVER. We use a Gig switch and when we transfer to our Watchpax unit (from the Mac production) it goes at light speed? There must be some checked box that is doing funny things on the display computer. We tried two different Macs with the same result. Any suggestion from experts? And yes I know that this is not the ideal setup... but we need that for this application. Michel Gilbert
  7. Michael, the stolen/broken key has always been at the back of my mind as sh... can happen. A suggestion could be, instead of having to buy a full priced dongle, would it be possible to implement, on a less expensive dongle (let's say that it would sell for 100$ for the purpose of the discussion) a full-fledged licence that would be good only for a certain amount of time (ex: 30 days, 100 hours, etc...). This could be bought as a "spare tire" in case something goes wrong and could be sold only to already registered full licence dongle owners. It could bring peace of mind for some producers.
  8. Hi Jim, Just got Watchpax 2 unit and doing some testing. Do I understand that Watchpax has a fixed IP address that cannot be changed outside of having a DHCP server assign it? We prefer to use fixed addresses for our shows and we would like to assign specific addresses. Thanks
  9. the WO remote app rocks... However we experience the following: The iPhone or iPad keeps disconnecting. We tested it using a D-Link router as well as an Airport express, same problem. we use dedicated IP addresses. Tested in our studio environment whee another wireless router is operating but we never connected it to the Airpot express nor the D-Link. Any idea why this happens and what potential solution we may use? once launched, the show runs but if we need to reconnect, there is a short stop in the show before it continues playing. Thanks in advance. Michel
  10. Hi, we ran a test today with a Mac Mini running Windows 7 64-bit on Bootcamp. we could use the Mac as a production computer and all was fine. however, when we tried to use it as a display computer, although we could ping it from the production computer and had stopped all firewall and other similar programs, whenever we would bring up a show on the production computer it would begin uploading it on the Mac Mini but would stop instantly. The Mac would then mention that Watchout had encountered a problem. Seems some kind of protection was running in the background preventing us from
  11. We are experiencing a strange problem and have not been able to find either the cause nor the solution. In our studio, we use desktop computers for prod and display. No problem with sound. On the road we use laptops for both display and production role. In this case our two laptops ( very powerful machines bought last year) used for display cannot be used as the sound source since the sound stops playing intermitently, never at the same place on the timeline. It is not a question of lagging but a silent phase in the program. Our walkaround has been to use a production laptop for a
  12. We experience the same problem with our programs. Running V 4.3 Help would be appreciated. Michel
  13. Thanks James. Will test with a spare router and if we decide to go this way, an Apple Airport express might be the perfect tool.
  14. Is there any issue if we establish an "ad hoc" netowrk between a display computer and the iPhone/iPad? Thx in advance. Michel
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