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  1. This news comes as such a shock. I worked with Thomas in Hong Kong in 2003 and whenever I saw on of his posts to this forum it always brought back fond memories. And I recall that before Watchout he was a skilled practitioner with Dataton Trax so he's been part of the family for decades. My condolences to his family and friends. Thank you for sharing this with us, Jacquie.
  2. Hi Pete, I'm glad for your interest in the Trax gear. Where are you located?

  3. In support of the War on Waste, I have a lot of old Dataton Trax gear that I want to get rid of. Rather than throw it out to e-waste, if there is anyone in the world who can make use of this kit please contact me: Item / Code / Quantity / Note AC Pax adapter / 3337B / x1 / Not working AC Pax adapter / 3337B / x3 / C7 Figure 8 power cable - EURO / x5 C7 Figure 8 power cable - UK / x1 C7 Figure 8 power cable - US / x2 Cat 6 Dataton link adapters / Custom / Pair M/F Dataton box/large/empty / x2 / With sleeve Dataton box/small/empty / x6 / With sleeve Dataton link cable / Custom / x1 / 100m Dataton link cable connectors / x1 / Mal/female pair Dataton link cables / 3412 / x13 various lengths - some may be faulty Dataton link cables / / x2 / Cable only no connectors Fuse 630mA / 8903 / x1 Keyspan serial apapter / x1 Mac cables / 3425 / 3 Outer box sleeve/large / x1 Pax / 3318K / x4 / One in a rack with the Power Pax Power pax / 3317B / x1 / In a rack with a Pax Powerlink / 3497C / x1 / Excellent condition Kodak SAV projector adapters / 3430 / x9 Smartbranch First cable / 3443 / x1 Smartbranch Link cable / 3444 / x1 Smartlink/Auxillary cables / 3450 / x14 / In box Smartlink/DMX / 3450 / x1 / In box Smartlink/Ektapro / 3475 / x13 Smartlink/Keylink / 3498 / x1 / In box / Connector may be faulty Smartlink/MIDI / 3470 / x1 / In box Smartlink/PC / 3487 / x2 / In box Smartlink/Pioneer DVD / Custom / x3 / In box Smartlink/Versa Plus Timecode / 3454 / x1 / In box Smartpax / 3340B / x1 Smartpax (dead) / 3340B / x1 / Not working Smartpax power connector cables / 3347 / x5 Smartpax power supplies / x3 SmartPax QC / 3341B / x3 / Excellent condition Tape deck adapter cable / 3461 / x1 / Not sure of the use Tape deck adapter cable / 3460 / x1 / Not sure of the use Touchdown / 3351C / x1 / In box with memory card powers up but touchscreen not working Touchdown Ethernet cable / x1 / In box, connector damaged Transpax / 3326E / x2 Trax CD / x1 / v3.5.1
  4. Hi Folks, I have an old installation using Watchout 4. I had to do make a minor update to content which I successfully uploaded to the display PCs from the Production PC but when I tried to play the show, the content played on my laptop but not on the screen via the display PCs. I know the content updated successfully because the installation has a control PC to connect and command the Display PCs directly without a Production computer involved. So, on the Production PC I can connect to each of the four Display PCs and when I go on-line the screens lose the Watchout logo and go to black, just as you would expect. How can I connect with the display PCs and yet can't replay the show?
  5. I have a SAV Adaptor 3430 in my hand right now! How many do you need? I actually have quite a bit of old Trax gear and Smartlinks if anyone is interested. Mal Padgett - Melbourne Australia
  6. I have one. Several if you need them. In fact I have a quite a few Trax hardware bits.
  7. If the sync issues are that you see timing mis-matches between the screens, especially on sideways movement, try putting a soft edge on the edges of the screens over the blends in Spyder. I don't know how to do that or by how much you have to blur them (I don't operate a Spyder) but we found that technique works really well in hiding those timing issues between screens.
  8. Hi Rainer, Geogen I've always set the EDID with the matrix so all the gear is locked in. I asked the Spyder operator what settings they are expecting to see coming from my gear and I set the EDID accordingly. I'm having a meeting with the staging company next week. I was shocked to hear of their attitude but I wanted to see if anyone else had 'issues'. I wonder if it has anything to do with a version firmware or software in Spyder? Geogen, can I ask what is the software/firmware versions of your Spyder kit? Do you use an EDID manager? What version of Watchout are you using and what graphic cards? Thank you for your assistance! :-) ---> Mal Padgett-Melbourne-AU
  9. I have a Lightware 16x16 DVI matrix and haven't experienced the problem you've written about. As Rainer says managing your EDID settings through the matrix are essential for success with Watchout and for me is one of the great features of running Watchout through a matrix. You would need to match the EDID settings for all sources to be the same so you can switch between each source to the shared outputs seamlessly e.g. 1400x1050@60hz or whatever. ---> Mal Padgett ---> Melbourne ---> AU
  10. Hi Everyone, I have been using Watchout (WO) with other staging companys' Spyder systems for a few years now using both v4 and v5 WO. Occasionally there have been some odd flashes on the screen but generally nothing serious, more annoying and unsettling. I don't like surprises. Any odd experiences like that were put down to firmware updates in the Spyder as the display output monitored out of my WO kit were absolutely stable. I have a Lightware 16x16 DVI matrix between my WO kit and the Spyder so I can switch between each output and check each individual output. Last year a staging company here in Australia did not want to use Watchout with Spyder on a project I was involved with because their in-house testing suggested there were 'issues' between Watchout and their Spyder. They didn't explain what issues they had during their tests. Recently my WO kit was used on another job with Sypder and to my knowledge (I wasn't on site for this job) there were no issues. Considering both WO and Sypder are mature, well developed products used around the world and would have been used together many hundreds or even thousands of times, can anyone share their experiences of any 'issues' they've encountered using WO and Spyder and what work arounds they've used to get a succesfull marriage between the two systems? Please post what versions of WO and Spyder you've been using and whether certain versions of either were more problematic than others. I've run this queation past both Dataton Support and our local distributor and they are not aware of anything specific when using WO with Spyder. Many thanks in anticipation for your assistance. ---> Mal Padgett --> Melbourne --> Australia
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