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  1. Hi all! Just disovered that the Panasonic UE150 remote camera outputs tracking data in form of a "FreeD" protocol, that can be used to drive 3D engines to output images for VR and AR purposes. Unfortunatly the compatible 3D systems are quite costly. I am wondering if anybody has worked on this field and if it would be possible to get the tracking data out of the camera to drive perspectives of images in Watchout. I am thinking of simple use with a greenscreen beeing able to pan and zoom with the camera and the background changing accordingly. Michael
  2. Hi all! I am wondering if anybody has used Watchout for a typical touchscreen-presentation. Meaning a presentation where the presenter drags elements, zooms by pinching and swipes thru pages, or opens and closes flying menus etc. Or where 3D elements are rotated and scaled by touch or multitouch. Specifically it would interest me if somebody has used radartouch with Watchout to do an interactive presentation. We have a project coming up where the customer would like to have such interactivity... I´d apprciate very much if you would share some ideas or experiences in that direction .
  3. David, I just looked up "MPCDI" and it sound promising. What will we be able to do with this inside WO? I have a show coming up in September with a curved screen where I am going to be looking at camera-based auto-alignment of Multiprojector setups. Would MPCDI be something that goes into that direction? Regards, Michael
  4. Arrrgh! Of course! I looked in the wrong dropdown box, it was the presets, not the codecs. I think I´m getting old. Thanks, Wiesemann, for pointing to the solution. The Aftercodecs thingy is interesting too, I´ll try that one... Michael.
  5. Hi Rainer, I have both QT as well as the HAP-codecs V12 installed. This is on a newly setup machine, so it has freshly installed Adobe CC programs on it. In Quicktime Player Pro 7.7.9 the HAP codec is selectable, but in Adobe Encoder it is not. There have been warnings in the log of Encoder for the last 6 months or so, saying that QT 32bit Codecs are going to be phased out in the future, and I guess exactly this happened now. Perhaps also thru the new install (not having leftovers from older installs that where constantly updated but still there). So I am curious how others work now. Or o
  6. I just discovered that the HAP-codec inside Adobe Encoder has disappeared. Is this because Adobe dropped 32bit support? Usually I create content in Premiere or After Effects and then export Quicktime with HAP or HAPalpha codec thru Adobe Media Encoder. Although Quicktime still exists as a format, the HAP is missing in the list of codecs. Inside QT-Palyer I have HAP available. So now the question is how to get HAP-files and especially HAP-alphas out of the Adobe CC-programs in an elegant way. Any ideas? Regards, Michael
  7. Miro and Erik: Is there a date for the mentioned "upcoming bugfix release" yet? Regards, Michael
  8. Hi all, thanks to all for your suggestions, it has brought me on a complete new track using multiple conditions/expressions. Thanks to Rainer for the demo he mailed me. Guypriz asked me to send these files, but Rainer, since you created them, I do not want to spread them around, it does not seem appropriate. With Walters concept I frequently have short dropout when the timeline jumps back in time to the begining of the video, mostly on the first repeat. Also with Rainers concept I had a short hickup of the video when the first video goes into the composition with the loop. Inside the
  9. Hi guys, has anybody have a solution for this: a video-section plays and goes into a second video wich is a loop. The loop plays until a button is pressed or some kind of trigger is given. Then the loop should play until its end and then go into video section 3. I have done this with blends out of the loop into the following video, but I asked myself (or rather a customer insisted for me to find a sollution) how to do it seamlessly. Any ideas are welcome... Michael
  10. One more addtion: In the show I mentioned, I had a production PC and two Display-PCs with one output each. What struck me was that the two display-PCs where in sync with each other, but the production PC was one or two seconds off. I don´t remember wich one was ahead.....
  11. Hey guys, thanks a lot. Great information, very valueable! Michael.
  12. Interesting to read this. I had a delay of exactly that kind on a show about 10 days ago. It happened two or three times. I didn´t follow it up because I had lots of other issues (human errors) with the show and in the end it went ok. It was 6.1.5 on a rig that is used often. First time ever I saw this kind of thing, didn´t believe it at first. I think it went away after going offline and then online again.
  13. I would try to do that without the comp, putting the png and live-input either in the aux timeline or the main timeline. If that works, it is something with the comp. I concur with zackboyd that comps can behave weird. Regards, Michael
  14. Hi all, I have been reading about M.2-SSD that connect through PCIe and can read 2-3GByte/s. I tried one, the speed is really good. Now, is it a good idea to have this device in a WO-display computer or should one rather stick to SSD-Raid0 thru SATA? Regards, Michael
  15. OK, solved, 0,1SPCtk $0A is the right command. In the protocol the screens start with zero, so screen one is zero, not one.
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