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  1. HI All, Has anybody had any sliders stop responding to slides with the finger with the latest version of Chrome? We've had a client with a long term install of Watchnet on an Asus All in One Touch PC, all of a sudden the sliders on one page that are used for volume, will not slide. You can touch anywhere on the slider and the handle will jump to that point, or click and drag with the mouse. But they've lost the ability to drag the volume slider with their finger. Only thing I seem to be able to spot is the machine has the latest "pretty" version of Chrome installed.
  2. Hi David, Is there any update on this new image (for the Watchpax 2 with ASIO Support Drivers for Behringer) ? Shane
  3. David, Are the ASIO drivers (FCA1616 in Particular) in the current image for the Watchpax 2 ? Shane
  4. Hi Zack, This is through Watchnet, I don't believe there is a jump-to-run delay available in the timeline control pane. Shane
  5. Following up, This project was migrated from another site (same client, same setup). However it appears that the new installation does not appear to like doing a script with Timeline Control Jump to Cue name AND run. really eratic behavour, jumping to a new wrong cue each run of the script It is more than happy for me however to Timeline Control Jump to Cue name AND stop Wait a Sec Timeline Control RUN Shane
  6. Hi All, Has anybody had problems where by Watchnet (4.2) does not locate to the correct Cue from a script? Works fine from a button direct to Watch out (6.2.2).But not from a script? Checked for duplicate cues, clears the cache, remade the script, remade the Cue.... Shane
  7. Hey All, Has anybody had a chance to see if all 8 inputs are available on the new Quad 2? We've had a request for the card based on the 8 channel claim. Be nice to know if Watchout can enable and actually use them Shane
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