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    WATCHNET 1.4

    Thank you for the tips !
  2. makkot

    WATCHNET 1.4

    Hi, we are having issues on the notebook managing a show by Watchnet 1.4 and i would like to move the already configured watchnet panel to a new computer. Wich is the preferred way to do that? thanks in advance
  3. So in a few words VIRTUAL DISPLAYS is just a mere help to fix media positions related to a defined setup where a single output is splitted between different hardwares... something that has been always doable by using some placeholders and pre compositions later on right ?
  4. regarding capturing TWEET feed: im not getting any feed both from watchout and the single SWF file launched on swf player. The imageserver is running connected to internet. Playing the swf file alone on a sure 100% internect connected pc will output a title category only scroll Could it be due to recente Tweeter API update from 1 to 1.1? thanks
  5. The future of watchout is an interesting point. I personally dont agree with the company about the recent focus on the new Watchpax. I think other competitors are already on the right way for such job. I hope that watchout will keep on building his own skills having in mind where the competitors are going. They are no more the only good choice on the market. Hope they speed up the leadership process in all the shows categories. Thats my wish.
  6. Hi Jfk I cleaned up my post as i was going on with different approaches. The one you suggested its the second that I tried. It works at the first launch of the software. Than after that it will automatically re install the missing/renamed lenguage turning the ui back to italian. so far these are my attempts: 1-change keyboard lenguage > FAIL 2-rename "it" folder > FAIL 3-turn non-unicode software regional setting to USA > FAIL 4---select USA in the Regional/Local Format (numbers,currency,date format etc etc) >>> SUCCESS so far no issues, by the way I always preferred the japanese date format (year-month-day) wich is more logical in terms of progression, so this option change pushed me to set it like that once switched to USA format. In summary i dont think this is a big issue, but for international needs it would be more practical to be abel to choose the lenguage during the installation. thanks in case you can improve that. cheers
  7. Hi, can u please describe how the lenguage setting is assigned? Im Italian but using win7 english OS, keyboard is in italian. Im now downloading again the installer having changed my nationality (sadly only virtually lol) >>>is each installer linked depending on nationality choosen? ::: EDIT forgot to specify that i do not want italian to be default lenguage but english. same for display. ::: Because i didnt see any option in the preferences dialog. I see the new "nationality" folders in the installation root...but cant see the english file. thanks SOLVED: changedREGIONAL FORMAT in windows preference. BUT this will not be good for my local format (date-time-currency etc etc), wich is , damn it, italian. Will it be possible in the future to choose our preferred lenguage in the watchout preferences? thanks
  8. I have been using watchout since year 2000 and in the last 2 years i have been frequently asked to jump on Pandora due to mapping and interaction easy of use. I really hope that Watchout 6 will improve both (mapping and interaction) because i really prefere it over P.box and would love to keep using it without approaching the german software.
  9. If its going to be used as an offline production machine, I really cant see any issue in Win8. In my experience I never faced any issue editing watchout5 (not even 5.3!) with win8. No pioneering too. It simply runs in editing mode, no need to count on "display on" reliability. Using it as a display is really another business. Third party app for tile screen skipping and different management of shortcuts and options can really make u loos more time in tweaking Windows. For sure i would not raccomend Win8 today as a display. By the end of the year when Win8.1update will be released i would think about it as a doable option. but not as a today display. But for editing? no issue at the horizon for me. Anyone have had problems to report?
  10. I personally use a win7 Dell as a production PC, but its 2 years old thats why has 7. I use a netbook and Win8 to run backup timelines and never had any issue with watchout5. If u dont need to use it as a display, i dont see any issue in buying a Win8 PC. Maybe an ATI card will be more enjoyable with watchout, as i always had slow latency in editing with Nvidia card especially on notebooks.
  11. yes Mike, totally agree, that would be amazing for us (users) and damn usefull for directors, if not literally seducing them, giving the opportunity to recall shows hints at the right time. (already dreaming about this, thank you)
  12. Thank you Mike im really happy that you consider the countdown function a worth to be considered option. In my personal experience, coming from beta player and matrox mayself as well , the most common idea of a countdown is really simple and looking like tha actual "STATUS/Main Timeline Position" or "Timecode Position" visualization. For sure that would perfectly fit the corporate shows im used to deal with. Having a flag default ON on the "Video Cue" shell would allow to decide if having the countdown displayed in that type of window. Wich can come in hand also during complex timecode based shows, in wich you have to compare the external timecode with the relative medias durations for cue arrangements and fine tunings. The time to be counted should obviously match the real duration, I mean including "InTime" and duration changes (this is complicating the duration result, wich now is not updated in the video cue information when "in time" is edited...true..but needed) This would be the best countdown for me: no extra PC, no extra license (sorry : ) and flexible usage (for both corporate and fixed installations or shows). Everything in the same production computer monitor. As watchout players, we are asked for countdown for next cues, stand by events or simple reminders. Please give me the chance to always give precise answers...we are called to promote the watchout standard and reliability, wich has improved so much year after year. Im sure it will be a very appreciated feature among control rooms people. regards
  13. In Slovakia right now, cant test the cleaning up folder right now I will give it a try end of week and post the results Thanks
  14. I get an error inside watchout 5.2 from Vnc: when i try to "remote access" a display I cant connect succesfully. A message pop up states " cant read config file". But this is not happening on 5.1 (Vnc enterprise is working fine by itself as well, confirming that the network is fine). Everything is working fine on 5.2 to me, except the "remote access" function. thanks
  15. hi jfk, thanks for your support but honestly i dont like to manage a live event by the Remote interface. I find it very usefull for stands or fixed installation. But not for a live event where last time shit usually happens and where u need to scroll the timeline to check when and where u have to jump. In my old and poor beloved Europe we are used to make a 6 screens convention in 2 days, includinf flights. Time is a big issue sometimes. I use watchout from 2000 and I love it with no doubt, but i think that some tweaking has to be pushed more aggressively, like for example the ROTATION cue that has been added so much in late in my opinion. Hope that a proper countown will not arrive too much in late as well. If it will ever arrive. This is not a negative critic to Dataton wich im really faithfull to, but a positive critic from a user that has to fight with directors who seems almost tired by Dataton leader technology and try to attract clients by new systems. In this case, any small defect became bigger. And i think that a proper clip countdown should be a standard nowadays. regards
  16. yep true, but i dont find it comfortable to use the SysManag. during complex live show as small jumping could occur. I always have requests from show callers and directors regarding a proper countdow for each media clip. I usually try to solve it by creating a sort of images sequence layer with -30 seconds countdown, but it can only help if you have time for editing. Usually the last minute changes cant be updated and its annoying not having a precise countdown, but most of all, it doesnt look "professional" to their eyes. That are also a sort of "clients" eyes. This is one if the smaller but most important implentation in my personal list in order to get the directors (and also myself) happier to use watchout. regards
  17. Nooo please...dont let it became a vj player : ) Honestly i would appreciate more complex functions* than reverse playback. Wich is usefull only on scenografic animated backdrop wich usually last few minutes and are quick to be re encoded in reverse from editing software. *any automatic countdown for each media clip in the work?
  18. Hi i was thinking about upgrading from 6970 to 7970 as linked by kaarlek (http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/AMD_Series/HD7970DC2T3GD5/) Any bad news about that cards Jonas? 6070 youhave linked are not easy to find for me too. thanks
  19. Hi everyone I have a request regarding the new v5 preview option. Using the prduction pc as audio backup line, i find it annoying having the preview video default ON on each media and switching to thumbnails preview editing to avoid unuseful process during live session also block the audio output. In v4 the audio streaming was on even if the timeline preview was set to thumbnails. Caould you implement a dedicated audio preview selection or give the possibility to invert the preference settings for the medias? thanks in advance.
  20. in my experience, the only added value that proxy adds to watchout is the quicker editing interface that a single media container can provide if compared to a multi screen video made of several diffent media without proxy. I have noticed No quality improvement by using proxy as far as the files i have been testing were encoded in the same way obviously, and oh...neither sync improvement. So basically the proxy method is helpfull for better managing the stage and timeline valuse editing only. Am I wrong? Regards
  21. Yes, sorry Jonas I have been too much quick in my reply. Based on my personal and some other friends personal experiences, the multi vga output by eyefinity is a lot more LESS flexible than digital output. We noticed that through Vga you could not reach maximum resolutions and full outputs. Resulting in a limited to 3 vga output / from 3840*1024 up to 5040*1050. Really hope that things has changed or got better, but I recently had a not working (Vga X 4) output when connecting to an Encore just a few weeks ago (6970 card). Dvi has been the only way. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: real time update: I just found this link from an adapters supplier that confirms the 3 output limit at the time of its pubblication: SOURCE: http://www.accellcables.com/products/DisplayPort/DP/mdp_vga.htm amazon for mdp>vga http://www.amazon.com/Accell-B101B-002B-UltraAV-DisplayPort-Adapter/dp/B0041O7XHY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1318381377&sr=8-2 hope it can help cheers
  22. Eyefinity works on digital output only, so your vga needs cant be satisfied unless you convert the signals by scan converter/mixer
  23. To me the simplier way around: overlap by watchout and soft edge by projectors (means also removing blend curve in Wout preference). Christie and latest Panasonic has Black level Compensation in order to paint a uniform black on the screen, hiding the overlapping area to your eyes. You just need a guy who can manage that process, but with professional projectionist i always achieved great results. Regards
  24. Totally quitting looks new to me, but I have experienced some minimizing watchout windows due to startup applications. Solved it by removing ati catalyst from startup and cleaning up others unuseful software from start up on boot as well. You can find detailed post arouns here. regards
  25. I quote you and add an off topic - but related comment, I would ask if there is a way to get audio playback from production computer having switched preview quality to thumbnail. This was the way until vers.4, but now on vers.5 if i want to playback a spare backup audio line, i need to have quality preview, and thats not safe during live events with huge files, unexpected jumping or changes in timeline. thanks in advance
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