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  1. Right, makes sense as a workaround. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Hmm maybe it is. Do you use a short file and create crossfade between them in the long timeline? If not how are you doing them? In that case the easiest would be to ask the sound designer to create a longer then needed file. In our case, the video files are looping fine but not the audio.
  3. The Files are Wav, 44.1khz, 16 bits playing on Aux timelines.
  4. Actually, the same is happening from the playback on the Production computer (the audio doesn't loop properly, it cuts for a short moment) so it doesn't seem related to Dante.
  5. Hi guys, I have a player outputting Dante (a stereo file) and the audio loops (which are correct loops) do not loop correctly in Watchout. There is a cut, a blank space of audio at the loop point. Windows 10 Watchout 6.6.5 We have a dedicated Vlan for Dante with separate network cards. Latest DVS software going to a Bose DSP to Bose Amps all in Dante. DVS in Asio, using 16x16 Also there are some audio files that are in Free running but that stop with digital distortion when I pause the timeline. But the main issue now is the looping issue. Any fixes for this?
  6. Hi guys, I've got display computers with 4 output each. All 4 outputs are set to 1920x1200, when Watchout display software goes fullscreen output 3 and 4 change to 1920x1080 even though they are set to 1920x1200 in the production computer. On display computer 2 it also happens but on different outputs. Display computers go to a Lightware MX2 matrix to Lightware fiber transmitter system to the Panasonic projectors. Here is a video that shows it live. Watchout 6.6.5 Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 drivers 471.68 (we just updated them and it did not fix the issue) Windows 10 Ha
  7. It yes plays in sync when not triggered from external TC. Also when there was a sync different because we were using TC, the moment I would stop the TC the watchout displays would jump catch up to where they were supposed to. In the end I did not have time to test whether the problem came from the sample rate setting of the sound card or not, there were other priorities for the show. This will have to be tested at another time.
  8. Hi there JFK, Sorry was out of internet for a while. We are using 25 fps TC and yes we are specifying it in the production computer. This problem (or very similar) has also happened to me on 30 fps and possibly 29.97 (but can't remember if it was drop or non-drop) Watchout v6.6.2
  9. Hi there, I believe this maybe the 3rd time I'm experiencing this issue and it's a bad one! Sometimes with LTC incoming to the Prod computer, the display computers will play the content slower than it should (or out of sync) resulting in videos being out of sync with the rest of the show. Here is a video showing this issue. You will the see the the image in the Prod computer and in the Projections do not match and that the timeline position and the TC being projected also do not match. (But they should!) Note, external TC readers (Mif4s) and Prod computer TC match but the Displays
  10. That is a tragic and shocking news. Such an active member indeed. Rest in peace Thomas.
  11. Hi guys, Every time I try to import a FBX 3D object Watchout gives me an "Not recognized as a media file" error. I've joined 2 fbx exported differently to see if you can try them. .OBJ work but from C4D in obj, C4D always exports the whole scene. With FBX I can export only a selection which I need to do. Any ideas what could be blocking it? Thanks. J1-plb-1.fbx j1.fbx
  12. Hi Jochri, The filenames vary in length but I even get these errors when I am renaming a simple play or pause cue. I doubt it's the network's fault. I've got 2 switches. One a the control booth and one with the display computers backstage. Here is my show file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxexqprfzg6iqen/Fame.watch?dl=0
  13. Hi everyone, Does anyone have an exemple of the string to send to trigger a ControlCue of an Aux timeline? I cannot figure it out. I can get other commands to work but not this one. I'm sending the commands over UDP at the moment. Thanks.
  14. Hi Callum that's good to know. So for you it only happens with a specific show file? @Benoit Turning off UDP inputs did not help, I'm still getting a lot of those errors. Often when moving 2 or 3 clips to a different later or even editing tween tracks. I think my original show file was created in an earlier version. Maybe 6.1.? And I'm now running 6.2.2. Any more thoughts on this? I'm also getting problems with the 3D projector View tab and Mask tab not always showing their views but just showing black.
  15. Hi Benoit, That's good to know. On the network there are: -2 Production computers -4 Display computers -8 Barco HDF-W30 projectors (which I send TCP shutter cues to) -1 Lightware Matrix 16 DVI -There was 1 but will be 2 QLab computers which Watchout will trigger and receive Timecode from. -4 network switches -1 or 2 laptops (windows and mac) I had the UDP incoming trigger turned on and I wonder if it could come from there... I'll play with this and see how it behaves.
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