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  1. That is a tragic and shocking news. Such an active member indeed. Rest in peace Thomas.
  2. Hi guys, Every time I try to import a FBX 3D object Watchout gives me an "Not recognized as a media file" error. I've joined 2 fbx exported differently to see if you can try them. .OBJ work but from C4D in obj, C4D always exports the whole scene. With FBX I can export only a selection which I need to do. Any ideas what could be blocking it? Thanks. J1-plb-1.fbx j1.fbx
  3. Hi Jochri, The filenames vary in length but I even get these errors when I am renaming a simple play or pause cue. I doubt it's the network's fault. I've got 2 switches. One a the control booth and one with the display computers backstage. Here is my show file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxexqprfzg6iqen/Fame.watch?dl=0
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone have an exemple of the string to send to trigger a ControlCue of an Aux timeline? I cannot figure it out. I can get other commands to work but not this one. I'm sending the commands over UDP at the moment. Thanks.
  5. Hi Callum that's good to know. So for you it only happens with a specific show file? @Benoit Turning off UDP inputs did not help, I'm still getting a lot of those errors. Often when moving 2 or 3 clips to a different later or even editing tween tracks. I think my original show file was created in an earlier version. Maybe 6.1.? And I'm now running 6.2.2. Any more thoughts on this? I'm also getting problems with the 3D projector View tab and Mask tab not always showing their views but just showing black.
  6. Hi Benoit, That's good to know. On the network there are: -2 Production computers -4 Display computers -8 Barco HDF-W30 projectors (which I send TCP shutter cues to) -1 Lightware Matrix 16 DVI -There was 1 but will be 2 QLab computers which Watchout will trigger and receive Timecode from. -4 network switches -1 or 2 laptops (windows and mac) I had the UDP incoming trigger turned on and I wonder if it could come from there... I'll play with this and see how it behaves.
  7. Thanks Brecht, I might give this a try. Steve, with my setup using Nvidia Quadros (K5000 I believe) the numbers in the windows panel are the same as the numbers in the Nvidia panel but they do not match the ones from Watchout.
  8. Hi guys, I have a Watchout 6.2.2 system running on Windows 7 pro 64bits service pack 1 and I'm getting a Lot of "runtime error" coming up with I do most operations such as add a tween track, change it, move content. As well the Live update doesn't work well. I have to run manual updates quite a bit. See picture here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4Gufj60n48JPz0Ns2 I have 2 displays each with 4 outputs and 2 backup display computers which are just in stand by right now. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, Where does Watchout get its video output number for the display computer? Are they suppose to match with the Nvidia graphics card output number for instance? What is the correlation? I'm trying to figure out the order. Thanks.
  10. Haaaa! I didn't know this. All good. Merci Benoit.
  11. Hi guys, I'm running some tests offline for an upcoming production and when I scale up a virtual display media I get a very low quality result. When I scale an actual media, the quality is fine. Is this just a preview issue? A bug? Normal? I tried to attach screenshots but the forum keeps on giving me error. PNG or JPEG... Thanks.
  12. This same thing is happening to me right now running Watchout 5.5.2 and Windows 7 64bits. When timecode is running and I go to the Watchout Production computers' preferences and I uncheck the "Timecode control of Main Timeline" the watchout production software just disappears (quits) without any error message. I have to re-open watchout afterwards.
  13. Hi everyone, Has anyone else had experience where their Watchout system had difficulties playing Compositions? I have a setup with 1 display computer outputting 3x 720p. It's a good computer i7 3.7ghz 12 or 16gig of ram and an Nvidia Quadro K5000. Watchout v5.5.2 & Windows 7. When I play files inside a composition (size of comp is 1280x720) the computer has a much harder time playing back and chokes and skips frames. But when the same files are not in a comp, they play with more ease and much less dropped frames, if any. We are using H264 in mp4 containers coming from AfterFX or Adobe Media Encoder. I've also noticed that it's not possible to pre-load a composition. Does that mean compostions do not get preloaded? Do compositions bring a performance hit? Would they work better with a different codec? Now for the editing. 1) Is it possible to hold on the last frame of a composition? Just like a normal video file behaves. It would be very handy. Comps always finish with a black frame. 2) It would also be very useful and more clear if the duration time of a comp was its actual end time. Right now, if a file goes past the end time of a comp, it will keep playing until its end and then finish with a black frame. 3) Is it possible, in a composition, to have: Clip 1 running normally but Clip 2 set 2 looping so that when the time reaches clip 2, the comp would start looping that clip until we exit the comp in the timeline? 4) Do the "Free Running" and "Loop" checkboxes of video files insides Comps actually do anything? I tried many combinations and I couldn't figure it out. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks.
  14. Alright, after a few hours of testing here are my results. Running tests with another VNC software was a good idea Jim. Screen Sharing functionality changed back in Mac OS 10.7. They added support for Multi-Users from this point on. That means that now one person can work on the physical computer and a second or third can also work on a different user account remotely without affecting the user in front of the computer. Pretty wild. This also means that from Mac OS 10.7 on, when ever you connect with a Windows VNC software to a Mac with Screen Sharing or Remote Management enabled, you are presented with the Mac OS Login Screen. This for me happened in RealVNC viewer or UltraVNC viewer or in the Watchout Production Software. Now the problem is that the VNC tool in Watchout is only a Viewer so it is not possible to actually Login to see the desktop. Note: I was presented with a full login screen but I've also experienced only seeing the background color of the login screen. I suspect this may come from either a computer with only 1 user on it or a computer with an external screen connected to it. After much research I found two possible options to work around this. 1-Install RealVNC server on the Mac computer. Make sure to disable Screen Sharing or Remote Management in the Mac System Preferences first. This server shows you the currently logged in user and skips the Mac OS login screen. Note: A) You'll need the paid version if you do not want to see the "Upgrade Notification" every time someone connects. The server installs as a service which will always run for your convenience but if you want to disable it, just click on its icon -> click Stop Server. From this point on, it will not automatically start anymore unless you restart the service mode version of the server by yourself. C) The server also comes with a "User Mode" version which is the standalone software version of it. Find it under Applications -> RealVNC -> Advanced 2- ** I'm not yet sure if this method fully works ** During my test using my Windows in Parallels and my Mac, this did not fully work. I would like to try with a real Windows version. A) Turn OFF Screen Sharing and Remote Management. Open Terminal and type: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.RemoteManagement VNCAlwaysStartOnConsole -bool true C) Enter your password and hit Enter D) Re-enable Screen Sharing with a Password for VNC viewers E) Connect again I found this command on this page: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20131003103827136 To revert the command, Disable Screen Sharing, rerun the command and change the true for a false, re-enable screen sharing. This turns OFF the Mac OS Login screen upon connecting through VNC and it almost worked except that in Watchout the screen share would not update when I made change in the Mac computer. But this method works correctly with other VNC viewers such as RealVNC and UltraVNC viewer. I'm not sure what the difference is between RealVNC viewer and the view built-in Watchout but it would be if this method worked as it is the fastest and simplest one. Mike do you know why that might be happening?
  15. Hi everyone, When doing a VNC media from Watchout to a Mac computer, what generally shows up is the Grey Background pattern from the login screen but it is empty. It does not show the actual desktop of the computer. Does someone know how to make this work? It used to work but since a certain Mac OS, it doesn't work anymore. Thank you.
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