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  1. That is a tragic and shocking news. Such an active member indeed. Rest in peace Thomas.
  2. Hi guys, Every time I try to import a FBX 3D object Watchout gives me an "Not recognized as a media file" error. I've joined 2 fbx exported differently to see if you can try them. .OBJ work but from C4D in obj, C4D always exports the whole scene. With FBX I can export only a selection which I need to do. Any ideas what could be blocking it? Thanks. J1-plb-1.fbx j1.fbx
  3. Hi Jochri, The filenames vary in length but I even get these errors when I am renaming a simple play or pause cue. I doubt it's the network's fault. I've got 2 switches. One a the control booth and one with the display computers backstage. Here is my show file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxexqprfzg6iqen/Fame.watch?dl=0
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone have an exemple of the string to send to trigger a ControlCue of an Aux timeline? I cannot figure it out. I can get other commands to work but not this one. I'm sending the commands over UDP at the moment. Thanks.
  5. Hi Callum that's good to know. So for you it only happens with a specific show file? @Benoit Turning off UDP inputs did not help, I'm still getting a lot of those errors. Often when moving 2 or 3 clips to a different later or even editing tween tracks. I think my original show file was created in an earlier version. Maybe 6.1.? And I'm now running 6.2.2. Any more thoughts on this? I'm also getting problems with the 3D projector View tab and Mask tab not always showing their views but just showing black.
  6. Hi Benoit, That's good to know. On the network there are: -2 Production computers -4 Display computers -8 Barco HDF-W30 projectors (which I send TCP shutter cues to) -1 Lightware Matrix 16 DVI -There was 1 but will be 2 QLab computers which Watchout will trigger and receive Timecode from. -4 network switches -1 or 2 laptops (windows and mac) I had the UDP incoming trigger turned on and I wonder if it could come from there... I'll play with this and see how it behaves.
  7. Thanks Brecht, I might give this a try. Steve, with my setup using Nvidia Quadros (K5000 I believe) the numbers in the windows panel are the same as the numbers in the Nvidia panel but they do not match the ones from Watchout.
  8. Hi guys, I have a Watchout 6.2.2 system running on Windows 7 pro 64bits service pack 1 and I'm getting a Lot of "runtime error" coming up with I do most operations such as add a tween track, change it, move content. As well the Live update doesn't work well. I have to run manual updates quite a bit. See picture here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4Gufj60n48JPz0Ns2 I have 2 displays each with 4 outputs and 2 backup display computers which are just in stand by right now. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, Where does Watchout get its video output number for the display computer? Are they suppose to match with the Nvidia graphics card output number for instance? What is the correlation? I'm trying to figure out the order. Thanks.
  10. Haaaa! I didn't know this. All good. Merci Benoit.
  11. Hi guys, I'm running some tests offline for an upcoming production and when I scale up a virtual display media I get a very low quality result. When I scale an actual media, the quality is fine. Is this just a preview issue? A bug? Normal? I tried to attach screenshots but the forum keeps on giving me error. PNG or JPEG... Thanks.
  12. Sounds interesting but I've just updated to 5.5.1 and I'm not seeing this change in behaviour. Nothing has changed here. What is unclear is, with 5.5.1, do I still need to put the -NoLogo command in the shortcuts? Or would this behaviour be the default behaviour without having to the change the shortcut parameters? Thank you.
  13. I couldn't agree more! I just saw your page talking about "A new approach" at ISE 2014. I'm excited to see what this will bring!
  14. To follow up. PierreLucB, on 25 Jul 2013 - 20:40, said: This does exist, just not in the form you are asking for. Live tweens provide live control of elements during the performance playback now. Yes I am aware of this feature but, as you understood, what I'm suggesting here is a completely different subject matter. It think it would be great to see modifications made to the timeline apply in real time to the display computers. It would save a lot of time and be very practical. Live tweens, to me, are for very specific and quite rare occasions. I would not use this for a whole
  15. Well while we're at it here are a couple I'm sure a fair number of us would like to see. -Live control of elements please. Remove the need for updates. -Automatic connecting and reconnecting (in case of network failure) to production computer as well as auto sync to what is happening in the production computer. -More options to modify medias and their keyframes in groups. Editing of multiple objects and keyframes simultaneously for faster editing. I hope you consider them. Thank you.
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