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  1. Can I get some clarification on the details of DisplayPort adapters to legacy outputs? If I understand things correctly, if I get a video card with 6 Mini DisplayPort outputs and pair that with 6 ACTIVE MDP -> VGA Adapters I can output to 6 screens correct? Most of our projectors are still VGA (Not DVI or DP) so I want to make sure that there isn't some limit on the type or number of outputs you are converting from DisplayPort, except for the need for an ACTIVE cable. i.e. you can only output to 2 VGA projectors even with ACTIVE MDP ->VGA cables. Thanks! - Craig
  2. Hello, I am putting together a some specs for our new Watchout machines that will use the new multi-output capabilities of the AMD cards to power 3+ screen of HD video from one machine. I know that Watchout is not RAM constrained and we already plan on using SSD Drives (in a RAID configuration if read speed become a problem) but I am not sure how much the processor plays into the equation. The workstation I have been looking at all use Xeon processors and I am not sure how multi-threaded Watchout is. Is it better to get a Quad processor running at a higher speed or a Hex processor that is slower? As far a video cards go, we were planning on using the AMD Radeon HD 6950 unless there is a good reason to move up to the FirePro series, I am not sure what we get for the extra expense using a FirePro over a Radeon at a similar level. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Craig
  3. Hello all, We are try to build some machines that would allow us to use the new multi-output feature to drive three screens per computer. Due to some specification requirements outside of Watchout, we were hoping to be able to use a chassis that only affords low profile cards. Does anyone know of any low profile cards what will meet our needs or do we need to reevaluate our computer options to find a full height option? Thanks for any help! - Craig
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