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  1. Hi RBeddig, thank alot for your reply...it s very clear.. my output is coming from the same graphic card (1pc) and the information doesn t looks so heavy as it is for coming from an sql database so only TEXT and black background .........i might do some testing .. in case i have issue i will connect it directly to my LED PROCESSOR in DVI and use the HDMI input for watchpax for the other contents.... Dear Wiesemann, YES same time .
  2. Hello Watchout community family, Hope you are all doing well. i would like to input 8 signals hd coming from the same PC and same graphic card. I am planning to take 2 x watchpax 40 and use 8 ndi newtek spark to input the signal. What do you think ? any suggestions of another way to input the 8 signals ? Thanks Mounir Harbaoui www.artabesk.com
  3. Thanks again Mike to your reply. i will receive my "dmxethergate mk2" this week i think. Bests Mounir
  4. Hi Mike, i try a lot of command but not working, As my telnet is working, i remote the projector from my IPAD application. Thank again for your help. Mounir
  5. Hi Everybody, a quick question : i am using an IPAD to control the player, i don t use the producer in my permanent installation. I need to update my setup because we add some light that need to be control by watchout. I am waiting my order of dmxethergate mk2 that should come this week. I will use the producer to configure my light because i need to have access to my timeline and My question is : After configure my light, can i remove my producer and connect my dmxethergate mk2 to my player ? is the light will work ? Thank you for your help.
  6. Thanks Mike for your reply. i will test and come back to you. Bests
  7. Hi Everybody, i need some help please. My producer is connection to my projector christie LX605 by Network. When i use TELNET TO "ON" or "OFF" my projector, it is working. open 10000 password : 0000 C00 BUT When i configure a CUE STRING in watchout it doesn t work, i fell my syntax is bad. I setup my string output in TCP my Syntax CUE is C00$0D Any Idea ? Thanks
  8. Hi Jonas, it is still working on the player watchout without producer. but thanks for your reply, i will try again and let you know Mounir
  9. Hi everybody, i try to do the same manipulation but when i try to open my new file project i got a message : "invalid file data format. shows make on older versions of watchout.must first be saved using version 2.3" I did this project in version 5.5 and i try to open on the same version. Any idea ?? Thanks
  10. Hi Watchout family, i have a quick question. What is the maximum distance for a cat6 rj45 network cable with watchout. I know that in theory the maximum is 100m But i already use 130m without any delay. Now i would like to know if someone already did it with more than 200m ? I like to keep the display close to the projector and connect it direct I don t like too much to use fibre optical. Thanks
  11. Hi watchout community, a quick question .... i lost my project on my production computer but it is still on the display computer. How can i use this folder to reopen my project on my production computer. Thanks
  12. Hi everybody, I would like to know if someone test the BLACKMAGIC ULTRASTUDIO SDI capture box by usb 3.0 http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/ultrastudiousb3 Usually i use the BLACKMAGIC PCIe capture and playback in SDI/HD-SDI. Is there a big difference between the PCI internal card and the usb 3.0 box capture card ? Thanks
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