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  1. Thanks again Mike to your reply. i will receive my "dmxethergate mk2" this week i think. Bests Mounir
  2. Hi Mike, i try a lot of command but not working, As my telnet is working, i remote the projector from my IPAD application. Thank again for your help. Mounir
  3. Hi Everybody, a quick question : i am using an IPAD to control the player, i don t use the producer in my permanent installation. I need to update my setup because we add some light that need to be control by watchout. I am waiting my order of dmxethergate mk2 that should come this week. I will use the producer to configure my light because i need to have access to my timeline and My question is : After configure my light, can i remove my producer and connect my dmxethergate mk2 to my player ? is the light will work ? Thank you for your help.
  4. Thanks Mike for your reply. i will test and come back to you. Bests
  5. Hi Everybody, i need some help please. My producer is connection to my projector christie LX605 by Network. When i use TELNET TO "ON" or "OFF" my projector, it is working. open 10000 password : 0000 C00 BUT When i configure a CUE STRING in watchout it doesn t work, i fell my syntax is bad. I setup my string output in TCP my Syntax CUE is C00$0D Any Idea ? Thanks
  6. Hi Jonas, it is still working on the player watchout without producer. but thanks for your reply, i will try again and let you know Mounir
  7. Hi everybody, i try to do the same manipulation but when i try to open my new file project i got a message : "invalid file data format. shows make on older versions of watchout.must first be saved using version 2.3" I did this project in version 5.5 and i try to open on the same version. Any idea ?? Thanks
  8. Hi Watchout family, i have a quick question. What is the maximum distance for a cat6 rj45 network cable with watchout. I know that in theory the maximum is 100m But i already use 130m without any delay. Now i would like to know if someone already did it with more than 200m ? I like to keep the display close to the projector and connect it direct I don t like too much to use fibre optical. Thanks
  9. Hi watchout community, a quick question .... i lost my project on my production computer but it is still on the display computer. How can i use this folder to reopen my project on my production computer. Thanks
  10. Hi everybody, I would like to know if someone test the BLACKMAGIC ULTRASTUDIO SDI capture box by usb 3.0 http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/ultrastudiousb3 Usually i use the BLACKMAGIC PCIe capture and playback in SDI/HD-SDI. Is there a big difference between the PCI internal card and the usb 3.0 box capture card ? Thanks
  11. Hi Mike, i didn t set a password. BUT i have a doubt with my PORT..it seems to be 10000 but not working. I don t know what port use my DHD800, i call christie they told me 3001. i try but not working. As i am finalizing my setup, i use the rs232. I am pretty sure that the PORT is wrong that s why it is not working by TCP IP. Thanks for your help mike. Long life to dataton Regards
  12. Hi Thomas and TomT, Thanks for your help and for the solutions. Wish you a good day.
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