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  1. Thank you, Today I'm going to test the same videos encoded with 6 chunks and will downgrade the drive to see if I can minimize the bad performance. I will update the results
  2. It's a client server.. Provided by some other company that's still on warranty.. And another information, it's running WO 6.2.2... I was just the technician that would configure and uptade the show.. And now has the get all the answers.. The usual 👍 Just wondering if there's anything that I can do, or justify for the lack of performance. If it would be a question of drivers I could update those, just would like to know if some one has a good combo of drivers tested for this kind of system. Tks
  3. The display was acquire by the client from a WO supplier and was already on premise. I'm supposing that it should be already optimized for 6x 4k. So it's best to check all the registry? That information is not on the tweak list, but rather on the forum, right? Just anyone can check if all the drivers are the right ones? Thank you all.
  4. Hi I'm having troubles running 4x HAP 4K and 1080p. The videos aren't playing smoothly and they have great frame drops. I'm guessing it would be a drivers issue. Can someone help we the drivers version for WX7100 in w7 Thank you
  5. Thank you for the help. I Have set everything as it should in the network properties. Fixed IP, and only ipv4 on. WO shouldn't run the show? It always check the ip of the display? But where can I enable or disable that function on windows? I will test that when I get back to the client Thank you
  6. Hi We need some help with a WO instalation of a client that has a WO player running 6x 4k@30Hz. We were asked to setup the show but before we were able to do any of that we had a battle just to get WO running on the 6 Outputs. System: OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB CPU: i7-7820X @ 3.60GHz Ram: 16Gb Graphic Card: WX9100 8Gb Outputs: 6x Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 18G with HDR Active Converter Signal: 6x Kit Tx+Rx Extron 330 DP Display: 6x Samsung Videowall 3x3 Step by Step 1º - Setting the right Edid to be e
  7. I have been working on a Watchout installation that as the same troubles described above. System: - New Rig with 6x 4k Outputs and 16gb Ram - 6x 4k HAP movies with 30 secs. When I first ran a show for testing the system it was just that one movie in free run and loop on the main timeline. 2 days later and the videos are completely out of sync... method 2 = Second approach was doing the loop trigger by cues... result 2 = black frame while looping. method 3 = Third approach was one task running 3 instances of the 30 secs movies without
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