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  1. Thank you, Today I'm going to test the same videos encoded with 6 chunks and will downgrade the drive to see if I can minimize the bad performance. I will update the results
  2. It's a client server.. Provided by some other company that's still on warranty.. And another information, it's running WO 6.2.2... I was just the technician that would configure and uptade the show.. And now has the get all the answers.. The usual 👍 Just wondering if there's anything that I can do, or justify for the lack of performance. If it would be a question of drivers I could update those, just would like to know if some one has a good combo of drivers tested for this kind of system. Tks
  3. The display was acquire by the client from a WO supplier and was already on premise. I'm supposing that it should be already optimized for 6x 4k. So it's best to check all the registry? That information is not on the tweak list, but rather on the forum, right? Just anyone can check if all the drivers are the right ones? Thank you all.
  4. Hi I'm having troubles running 4x HAP 4K and 1080p. The videos aren't playing smoothly and they have great frame drops. I'm guessing it would be a drivers issue. Can someone help we the drivers version for WX7100 in w7 Thank you
  5. Thank you for the help. I Have set everything as it should in the network properties. Fixed IP, and only ipv4 on. WO shouldn't run the show? It always check the ip of the display? But where can I enable or disable that function on windows? I will test that when I get back to the client Thank you
  6. Hi We need some help with a WO instalation of a client that has a WO player running 6x 4k@30Hz. We were asked to setup the show but before we were able to do any of that we had a battle just to get WO running on the 6 Outputs. System: OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB CPU: i7-7820X @ 3.60GHz Ram: 16Gb Graphic Card: WX9100 8Gb Outputs: 6x Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 18G with HDR Active Converter Signal: 6x Kit Tx+Rx Extron 330 DP Display: 6x Samsung Videowall 3x3 Step by Step 1º - Setting the right Edid to be emulated on the graphic card. Getting the right combo of EDID emulated on the graphic card was a nightmare. First we were able to setup the system and run the full 6 outputs on windows environment. Since we had limitation on the resolution that the Extron extenders supported we tried to get everything working at 4K @ 30Hz @ 8bits. When we were able to get this working, with image on all 6 videowalls we start running WO and all hell broke loose... As soon as we started launching the Watchpoint.exe we got in trouble... what happen was something that I've never experience with WO before. When we run Watchpoint.exe it would behave as aspected, it would show the logo, do the countdown that we set and then... all went black... and everything crashed... sometimes we would get control after some ctrl+w or ctrl + alt + del, but most of the times we needed to reboot the machine... Since we had this troubles we reverted the configuration to 6x1080p@30Hz and everything worked.. We loaded a show, set a autorun.txt and everything worked as expected. When we reverted to 4k we got the same trouble all over again.. For debug we started adding one screen at a time and some times we were able to configure 5x displays, but the end result was always the same.. WO would crash after the logo and countdown. ALL BLACK on 6 outputs and windows crashed.. After a lot of trial and error and to many reboots we managed to figure it out.. The main cause of the crash was the Edid that was emulated on the graphic card... although everything worked in windows environment and with multiple displays with that edid, the system wouldnt run with all of the 6x outputs... Everything started to work when we introduced a new Edid that was created by us, based on the Samsung Lcd original Edid.... 2º Problem - Error on Autorun show. "No Show Available" Now we have a even more strange problem. Everything is working, the show is setup correctly and loads on start up via a autorun.txt. Coollll .. but when we disconnect the display server from the network (unplug the ethernet cable) the system wont load/run the show from the autorun.txt and would result on the crash of the WO system and present a console with the error on the display... Basically the display configuration of WO is not running as it should without the cat5 cable connected and active on the player... and because of that when the show tries to run it crashs.. If we reboot the server with the cable connect to a active source it all goes as aspected. Does anyone had this problem and know why this strange behavior ? Thank you all Composição 2.mp4 Composição 1.mp4 WATCHDOG_00001.log WATCHPOINT_00001.log
  7. I have been working on a Watchout installation that as the same troubles described above. System: - New Rig with 6x 4k Outputs and 16gb Ram - 6x 4k HAP movies with 30 secs. When I first ran a show for testing the system it was just that one movie in free run and loop on the main timeline. 2 days later and the videos are completely out of sync... method 2 = Second approach was doing the loop trigger by cues... result 2 = black frame while looping. method 3 = Third approach was one task running 3 instances of the 30 secs movies without free run and looping with cross fade between them and at the end triggering a second task to preload a copy of this task and to run it. Basically "cross fadding" between the two task with preloads ... #$%@@$% result 3 = terrible frame dropping between the cross fade of the 30 secs video.... Free Run and Looping was a basic function that I ALWAYS USED and never with this outcomes... Did Watchout lost the simplest function of free running and looping a simple clip? Any one with troubles running 6x videos at 4k? What are the best approaches thanks
  8. Thank you for the video. The stand looks great and contents too. I'm crazy to put my hands into this all new world.
  9. Love the smell of Watchout 6 in the morning! It's with absolute joy that I read about the amazing new features of Watchout 6, 3D and Live editing. HO YEAH! I'm very excited about it. Due to work i was not able to be at ISE this year. I would like to know if its schedule any live feed of the demo from the Watchout stand or if it's going to be uploaded any content of the preview to the web. Either way I would like to ask to all of does that are at ISE to share their picture, videos and feedback to the rest of us that couldn't be there. Thank you all and great work Watchout team!. Sincerely, Bruno Dias
  10. Hello, I found the solution for this problem. After all the replys i start messing around with laptops to try to find the cause of this. I have tested new laptops with nvidia and amd graphic cards. The problem only occurs with Watchout Players. The Watchout Production runs with no problems. So,first i thought it would be some incompability related with Windows 8.1 and Directx 9. After googling and tested based on that i found no trouble with Directx 9 and Windows 8.1, but when i cross referenced what Jonas said about the error might be base on the Intel Integrated Graphics, it all started to make sense. The new graphic cards are based on a hibrid system to optimise the batery life: - AMD Enduro - ATI Optimus This as both of the brands say will work seamless as you operate with your laptop, switching between the Intel Integrated Graphics and your graphic card as you switch between programs. And this is our cause of the problem. Both AMD and ATI software doesnt recognizes Watchout Display as a high gpu program, so by default when you lauch the program it will run base on the Intel Integrated Graphics... To resolve this problem you have to go to the graphic card control panel and in the 3d options you have to force it to run with the graphic card that your laptop is equipped. In some versions you cant tell your graphic card to run "all" programs like this, so the best practice is to force it to run Watchout with the graphic card. You can achieve that in the same menu by browsing your hard drive for Watchout and selecting it. As far as i can tell, theres is no switch on or off for this function. I will update a couple of print screens guiding of the process on next monday. I Hope that this can help some of you in the future. One sugestion for this: - Can Dataton comunicate with Amd and Nvidia with this problem and ask then to insert Watchout into there list of programs that need their graphic card active as it happens with video games and other programs ?
  11. I have the laptop in transit. When it gets on the warehouse will test it again and give the computer spects. Im also planning on installing windows 7 in another partition to test the same hardware. Ill report as soon as possible
  12. I am having the same error. One off the display computers got faulty after the airplane transport and to replace it at last minute I bought a laptop to run a single display. Same error showing, cant work it arround. My live show is with na output down.... Any help? OS - Windows 8.1 WO - 5.5.1
  13. Thank you for that JFK. So, is there any way of controlling the volume in a cluster display system? Can it be triggered via TCP command or the only solution for this is through the production computer? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello, I would like to known if its possible to input MIDI values directly into a cluster display? I am trying it with a Korg Nano Kontrol with no luck. It works as expected on the production computer but now I need it to work with a cluster display system and I it doesn't work and therefore my doubts. Thanks in advance
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