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  1. I recently updated my systems to watchout 5.1 and I am not able to play all 6 channels of audio. Previous to updating to watchout 5.1, I used a test file from Showsage on my system with Watchout 3.4.2 and I was able to get all 6 channel to play from the onboard audio card. I also tested the audio file with a an external USB sound card (Soundblaster X-FI) and that also worked with watchout 3.4.2. I installed Watchout 5.1 and now I only get 2 channel stereo. I did not change any hardware or drivers on the display systems. Wondering what needs fixing. Any suggestions?
  2. Jonas, What exactly do you mean when you say "for full functionality of WATCHOUT 5, Windows 7 is required"? Does WATCHOUT 5 require Window 7 ... OR ... Can WATCHOUT 5 run on WIndows XP with partial functionality?
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