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  1. I am trying to control a IDK MSD 502 matrix switcher from Watchout using RS232. IDK tells me that the code to make this happen is @EXC,1 @EXC, 1 will trigger a shutter command that is stored in the switcher. I was able to make the switcher work in a terminal software, but when I hook it up to WO nothing happens. I tried to add $0D to the front and back of the code. I have the settings correct. Baud rate 9600, no parity. I will take any suggestions. Thanks, Bg
  2. I did purchase some nice cable that is cat6a with good shielding. Here is the link: http://pub.tmb.com/ProPlex/CAT6a/pdf/ProPlex-CAT6a-A4-web.pdf Do you think radios will be able to interfere with good quality shielded cat6a cable?
  3. Does anyone have any experience with Lightware products mentioned above and HDbaseT in live productions. I am getting ready to purchase the gear and sure could use the advice.
  4. Does anyone have an update on this topic. We are getting ready to use HD BaseT with a quad server and would like to know if anyone has some advise.
  5. Thank you all for the responses. I was able to make both ways work with Mike's suggestions. I have a Datapath Vision card that I was able to use as a second display and I also was able to install Photoshop on the display computer in order to use the remote computer. Thanks again. Brent
  6. Hello, I recently had a project that I projected on two organic shaped projection screens. Projection surface #1is a piece of spandex like materiel that was stretched out to look like a flower blossom with the center coming to a inner point. Projection surface #2 was a group of white umbrellas that were group together to make a large projection surface. Both projectors over shot the projection surface, bleeding light onto the wall behind it. I wanted to make a black mask to make sure the light that overshot the the projection surfaces was black and not content. My question is what is the best way to do this? Have other WO users found a good way to build masks? I am currently using WO 5. I am looking to upgrade to 6 at some point. Right now I use Photoshop with a touchscreen monitor with a stylus. I make marks in PS and then save, switch over to WO, refresh media, then update WO. It becomes somewhat of a guessing game on where my marks go in PS. The bouncing back and forth from WO and PS gets tedious. Is there a way to draw a mask right in WO so that I can see what I am drawing in real time? Can I do this somehow in WO 6? I saw there was a mask tool in 6. I can post an image but I couldn't figure out how to upload an attachment. Thanks, Brent
  7. Hello, I am getting ready to purchase four Panasonic RW630 laser projectors. I am planning on sending HDbaseT to the projectors through the Lightware DVI-HDCP-TPS-TX210. I own a ShowSage ShowServer Core R4 server with an AMD Firepro W5100. Has anyone used the Lightware DVI-HDCP-TPS-TX210 HDbaseT extender with Watchout? After talking with Lightware I felt the DVI-HDCP-TPS-TX210 looked like a great solution. It has advanced EDID configuration and is powered off its own power supply and not the graphics card. I wouldn't need an additional EDID emulator. I will also be sending either PJ Link for RS232 commands to the projectors for powering on/off and shuttering. If anyone has experience with this equipment I would greatly appreciate your opinion. I would rather find out now instead of during load in. Thanks, Brent
  8. So does that mean a version 6 dongle will work with a version 5 project? Thanks.
  9. Has anyone had a good experience with the Blackmagic mini recorder? Did BMD update the drive to accept an RGB signal in the HDMI input? How well does the SDI input work?
  10. Hello, I currently use PJ Link to control my Eiki X85 projectors. I use a TCP/IP string out of WO to shutter and power on my projectors. It works most of the time. I edge blend the projectors and I need them to shutter simultaneously. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn't. One projector might lag behind. In the past I have controlled my projectors through the serial ports-rs232. It was solid. I had no issues with the serial ports on the display computer and the projector. I have seen the serial over ip converters and was wondering if they are as reliable as the standard rs232 with WO. Can anyone comment on that? What brand and model works best? Also now that computers are much more powerful and can output to multiple displays simultaneously, I want to know how WO users are able to control multiple projectors, individually, from one computer. The production computer sends out the TCP/IP output strings unlike rs232 which comes from the display computer. I have read that the serial over ip devices create virtual com ports and I was under the impression that WO can only send commands out of com port 1. Do the virtual com ports confuse the computer and WO? Can someone please explain this to me before I purchase a serial to ip device? I found this converter online. I believe it will allow me to control the four projectors individually. Do you think it will work? http://gridconnect.com/usb-to-serial/serial-to-ethernet/ethernet-tcp-ip-controller-with-4-serial-ports-rs232-rs422-rs485.html# Thanks, Brent
  11. Hello, I have been working with Rob on this issue. We have seemed to figure out a work around with the projectors not shuttering on a consistent basis through TCP/IP and PJ Link. We figured out that if we send a command moments or seconds after the port has closed the projector doesn't seem to receive the command. Watchout will give us an error. We figured this out with Wireshark. So we set up an Aux timeline that sends a carriage return every 35 seconds to the projectors. That keeps the port open and we seemed to have good results. The issue that we are still having is that sometimes the projectors don't always shutter at the same time and sometimes they do. In the theater we need them to shutter at the same time during blackouts. I have been looking at serial over IP devices. Do you think this will be more reliable than what we have going with PJ Link? If I have one quad output server can I assign four projectors their own com port and be able to control them individually? I thought Watchout can only be used on Com port 1 and it looks like the serial over IP devices take up additional comm ports. If someone has a good suggestion on what brand and type of serial to IP converters to purchase for controlling projectors, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Brent
  12. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply. I am using a tween track. When you say external control. Do you mean through a video switcher. Thanks, Brent
  13. I have a Show*Server CUBE: Intel i7 Quad-core CPU (i7-4770K), 16GB RAM, 128GB OS SSD, 512GB WATCHOUT/Media SSD, Quad-output 2GB Graphics Card (FirePro W4100). I have a Datapath Vision SD4+1s video capture card installed in the PCIe x4 slot of the Show Server. The capture card requires a PCIe x4 slot. So I don't think the capture card will steal bandwidth from the graphics card in the computer. I am trying to capture four standard def camera signals that I can use as live inputs on four outputs going to projectors. The cameras look great and have very little delay. I was very impressed with the quality and the ease of hookup. As I continued to test this system I did see some issue with cross dissolving from a movie/video to the live camera video. You see a little stutter in the movie/video just before the dissolve to the live cameras. Once the dissolve has happened everything seems to run smooth. Just wondering what could be causing the bottleneck in making the video stutter. Is it the video card, the computers processor or the ram that would make it stutter? Are there any tricks to possibly make this run more smooth or am I asking too much out of this computer? If I only used two display outputs instead of the four would the computer and the video card handle the four live inputs better? Or does the video card even know that I am only using two outputs? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, B
  14. My video card has four mini displayports. I need two dvi outputs and two vga outputs out of the card. The resolution for all outputs will be 1024x768. Can I use two active vga adapters and two dvi active adapters from the same graphics card?
  15. How do I setup the iMac to not require HDCP handshake? I have a Blackmagic decklink card and I couldn't get Watchout to see the iMac. I would see the iMac flashing on the Watchout display computer but I couldn't get it to stay a solid image.
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