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  1. That sounds like it should work... adding the production computer by ip address works and the Watchnet sees it as online, but there's still no control. Also, the Production software now gives me the error [Unrecognized command: getStatus]..... EDIT: My Watchnet Server is also giving me all sorts of error messages (tried to upload image, didnt work), but i get a lot of IllegalState Cluster not ready messages...
  2. It look like the production software doesn't under stand it's own listen command. Manually entering the IP address works, but watchnet isn't able to connect to the production pc. Another issue is that after trying a while, the watchnet server locks up and is unreachable.
  3. i tried 2 different computers with the production software, both have the same issue.. as soon as i turn on the UDP it starts giving me errors every 40 seconds one windows 8 machine and one windows 7 machine
  4. Hey guys! i thought i would try and use watchnet to control my production software, but as soon as i enable the UDP control in Watchout Production i get an error message over and over saying [Error 7 0 "Unrecognized Command: Discover"] and there is no info or control in Watchnet.. i know that, because i am using watchout 5.5.2 with watchnet 1.4, production computers won't show up in the network inside Watchnet, but controlling them should still be possible, right? Anyone have any idea as to what i'm doing wrong? there's no firewall in the production Computer, so nothing's blocked there... Thanks! Frank
  5. ok, i'm gonna need someone's help... Is there anyone with AS3 knowledge who could help me out?
  6. ok ill try to figure out how to do that the proper way.. Thanks Mike!
  7. Here's what i'm trying: the "led" and "led2" are small movieclips of a little led that's red on frame 1-9 and green on frame 10, so i want it to change from red to green when a certain aux timeline is playing. The part for the main wo works, the movieclip changes when wo is connected or when the main timeline is playing, just nothing happens when i try the same for Aux Timelines... import com.dataton.watchout.*; import flash.events.MouseEvent; import flash.events.KeyboardEvent; import flash.events.EventDispatcher; import flash.utils.Timer; import flash.net.SharedObject; import flash.display.DisplayObject; import flash.display.StageDisplayState; var wo : WATCHMan = new WATCHMan(""); var auxTL : AuxTimeline = wo.GetAuxTimeline("Theater_PPT"); wo.addEventListener(WATCHMan.KEvt_ConnectedChanged, function(evt : Event) { if (wo.Connected) led.gotoAndStop(10); else led.gotoAndStop(1); }); auxTL.addEventListener(AuxTimeline.KEvt_PlayingChanged, function(evt : Event) { if (auxTL.Playing) led2.gotoAndStop(10); else led2.gotoAndStop(1); }); Anyone have any idea where my approach is wrong? Thanks!
  8. Hi Mike! Thanks for your answer. Again, I should say, because I just remembered I already asked a similar question a long time ago and then, too you were the one to answer me I decided to try and pick up where I left off, doing everything the same for the AuxTimelines as I did for the main, but I get nothing back from the auxes... Main works though. So there must be a different approach needed for aux timelines I guess.
  9. Just to revive an old problem... I'm breaking my brain here... Still can't seem to figure out what i have to do different for AUX timelines... can't get anything to react...
  10. Thanks for your replies guys! Still hoping my boss will get me one of these cards ;-)
  11. Hey guys! I use Flash a lot to create remote apps to control my watchout shows, using them on windows tablets or android tablets. I manage to do the basics (starting/stopping stuff) but i'm puzzled how i can get the state of a timeline into flash. I would like to be able to have a button change when a timeline is done playing or maybe get the time info to show next to the button, just to be able to show more information in the app. Would also be nice to be able to show if the app is still connected to Watchout.. I have read the API info, but it's just a bit out of my league for now to understand on my own. I hope someone can show me how i would be able to get this to work, would be so cool! Thanks in advance! Frank Doeve The Netherlands
  12. Hi guys! Do any of you guys have any experience with this capture card, ord maybe it's little brother, the decklink Quad? I might be able to get one for my Watchout 5 setup and i think it looks promising. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink/techspecs/W-DLK-30 Thanks in advance! Frank The Netherlands
  13. I did see and read the recipe, just wondered if it was the original or PC kinect... so it is the original and that's good, because it's easier to come by :-)
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