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  1. That sounds like it should work... adding the production computer by ip address works and the Watchnet sees it as online, but there's still no control. Also, the Production software now gives me the error [Unrecognized command: getStatus]..... EDIT: My Watchnet Server is also giving me all sorts of error messages (tried to upload image, didnt work), but i get a lot of IllegalState Cluster not ready messages...
  2. It look like the production software doesn't under stand it's own listen command. Manually entering the IP address works, but watchnet isn't able to connect to the production pc. Another issue is that after trying a while, the watchnet server locks up and is unreachable.
  3. i tried 2 different computers with the production software, both have the same issue.. as soon as i turn on the UDP it starts giving me errors every 40 seconds one windows 8 machine and one windows 7 machine
  4. Hey guys! i thought i would try and use watchnet to control my production software, but as soon as i enable the UDP control in Watchout Production i get an error message over and over saying [Error 7 0 "Unrecognized Command: Discover"] and there is no info or control in Watchnet.. i know that, because i am using watchout 5.5.2 with watchnet 1.4, production computers won't show up in the network inside Watchnet, but controlling them should still be possible, right? Anyone have any idea as to what i'm doing wrong? there's no firewall in the production Comp
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